Sonny-Boy + Hours of JOY!

Not to detract from the post where I was to pay homage to our sweet Miss Dub, I must take a moment first and pay birthday respects to my very own baby-boy ... Sonny Boy. Today is indeed his birthday, and I am thinking of him alot. He and The Mrs. took a whirlwind trip to SoCal (while we basked in the frigid north) and Mrs. Gee made him buttermilk pancakes and a birthday cake (not in the same meal, as far as I know) and L'il Gee read to him.
So ... Happy Birthday Sonny-Boy. This month IS such a special one ... thanks to you.
But wait ... what about our trip where we indured single-digit temps and teeth-chattering cold ... all the while warmed by the antics of the Dancing Lady Dub? Yes, it was precious to see her walk and heavenly to hear her talk and worth every single layer of clothing to hold her close. She is quite the young woman (pictured above, tired but well behaved at a long awaited dinner with the T* fam.)
So ... why is it that PDaddy and I are now home alone with nary a birthday-boy or a grandchild in sight?
I guess that's why blogs were invented.
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sara said...

You've sure got yourself some cute grandkiddies there! But you already knew that :)

steph said...

yay! happy birthday, hubbs!

P Daddy said...

So I didn't get to talk to the birthday boy on the phone and I didn't see this post until today and the birthday boy will be home (hopefully) before he reads this, if he does (but his wife will probably read it and tell him), but Happy B-day P-boy from P-daddy (which means P***'s daddy, not a cheap takeoff on a celebrity with a continually changing moniker)!!!

Angy said...

wow i just saw this today!! boo.