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(Don't worry Li'l Mr. Gee ... I'll give you your day too!)

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Emma 1977 ~ 2011

When I received the news that Mrs. Dub had just given birth to Dub Girl #3, I was actually already on the way to the airport to go to Utah for another reason. I was going to the funeral of my brilliant and beautiful niece ... Emma ... who was only 34 years old. She died very suddenly of something that normally takes someone 2 or 3 times her age.

Mrs. Gee and I drove straight from the airport to the hospital, held that precious 5-hour old baby for an hour or so and then drove straight to the Viewing.

The circle of life ... and it's ultimate plan ... were not lost on me.

Emma was honored in grand style on Saturday when many, many people came to pay tribute. Her family (my sister's family) did a splendid job and we all came away inspired and uplifted.

Thank you, Emma, for all of your giving. Give our love to the PDaddy.

(You can see her obituary here. I tried to save and transfer the picture, but it just wasn't happening.)

~ A Touch of Femininity ~

So ... just to show you that, although I don't listen to others as much as I should, I do indeed listen to myself. (Trust me, that's a lot of listening.) After I posted here about how odd it was that I decorated my room in such a masculine manner, I began to feel ... well, odd ... about that. Little by little I began to make some changes. I bought some new sheets that added a classic, femine pattern to the mix and exchanged some pillows with the family room.

I put plates on the wall that added some girly-girl-curly-que.

Last, but not least ... some flowers. Yes, they are fake but they still do the trick.

And we can't talk femininity without a look at the Dubster Three. I'm beginning to think that the BIG sisters are pretty fond
of the L'IL one.

I'm loving the new changes. Especially that one in the last picture.

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Nanny X 5 !!!

So ... She. Is. Here. Miss Dub3 arrived on Friday, August 12th (8/12) at 3 minutes before noon. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces (also 8/12 ... how cool is that?) and measured 21 inches long. She incurred a few battle scars as a result of her "sunny-side-up" delivery but has healed like a champ and is actually opening her eyes on a regular basis.

Oh how we love this precious little Dubster.

Holding her feels pretty close to Heaven.

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~ My Morning Walk ~

So ... my morning walk usually involves this view. (Except that I rarely have these delightful 4 year old grandkids in the picture which is just the biggest shame of all!!) Not too shabby. Also keep in mind that while I'm walking it's in the mid 60's. Farenheit.

I have decided to change my route on Saturday mornings. It took me a couple of tries to find the perfect beach walking path, but I'm pretty certain that these views meet a certain standard of perfection.

I was quite enamored with this touch of green among the sea/sand/sky.

I'm just loving my Saturday morning walks. Want to join me??

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The newest member of the fam ...

So ... I fooled you didn't I? You thought I was breaking news about Mrs. Dub's impending birth. I really hope that you realized that the picture was not of her darling daughter (to be.) So cute, but not in a Dubbish kind of way.

Nope ... this little guy is the son of Ms. Gee ... aka Riley Noehren. His name is Morrissey. He is a French Bulldog. I am head over heels in love with him.

Ms. Gee is also in love with him, just as she used to be in love with sleeping through the night and having clean floors. Ah ... the life of a new mom.

I will keep you posted on that other delivery.

Seriously ... how cute is he???

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