You'd Better Watch Out ...

So ... I may or may have not mentioned before that I'm a collector. Mostly I'm just a collector of ... stuff ... but at this time of year, when collecting reaches OCD status, I actually try to set limits. (These limitations do not apply to the collecting of cookies and/or anything else with sugar and/or butter in it.) Several years ago I realized that I had quite a few Santas ... and voila ... a collection was born. (Collecting snowmen at that point was no longer an option.) The above announcement of Santas to come is part of another block exchange quilt, (although that particular square was done by moi.)

These Santas pictured above look old and antique-y, perhaps passed down through generations. Oh ... I got them at Marshalls. But let's face it ... my Marshalls is getting pretty old.

This little charmer was purchased at a Craft Fair. So, I do think I can honestly say that it was hand made.

And this baby was purchased just this year ... at The Dollar Store. Just guess how much I paid for him? I love him because he has a blue coat ... something hard to come by. I also love him 'cause he only cost a buck.

So ... what are your Christmas Collections?

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P Daddy said...

Research suggests Santa Claus (US) wears red (as would the real Saint Nicholas who was a Catholic Bishop), Father Christmas (UK) wears green, and German and Dutch Saint Nicholas (merged with pagan god Odin) usually wears blue, though they all look similar and fit into Christmas celebration. So blue may not be as unusual as it seems--at least in Europe. But then anything blue is usually worth celebrating in your book.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

p daddy- where do you get all your information?! I hope you had to look it up, but I suspect that all you had to do was reach into that filecabinet inside that huge brain of yours and pull out the facts. Though I am glad that you have that beautiful wife of yours to contribute the passion and artistic flair as in all colors blue.