All Sea Worthy!!


If I admit that I have been a very, very bad blogger over here at simplehappy home ... will you forgive me?

If I tell you that I have been sewing my brains out ... and have proof ... will that help?

If I tell you that I have recently opened an Etsy Shop at SeaQuiltsShop.etsy.com to sell patterns of my work, will you call that blatant self-promotion?

Will you forgive me for that if I show you even more interesting, important and beautiful pictures
from the sea, from the sea, from the beautiful sea?

Miss Dub1 and Miss Dub2.
They're huge!

Miss Dub3.  Not even 10 months old and beginning to walk.
Are you a Goonies fan?  Do you recognize that rock in the background?

Mr. Gee at the river last weekend.  Not actually driving that machinery.
Actually being the precious boy that he is.

The Sweet P.  Looking like the star that she is.

Thanks.  I am just going to assume that your answers to the above questions are the very ones I was hoping to hear.

They are ... Right? 
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Desktop Delight!!

So ... these are the desktop collages that I have gazed at for the past 18 months. (That last one was created just today.)

No wonder I spend so much time at my computer.


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Li'l Mr. Gee turns Five!

So ... it may or may not come as a surprise to you that Li'l Mr. Gee is "Li'l" no longer. He's old, he's smart and he is ... cool.

He likes to play T-ball.

He likes to ride his bike.

He really likes to play with Legos ... and on them.

His Li'l Sis is just dreaming of the day she turns 16 and can turn a lot of heads ... with hers.

Happy Birthday to my favorite (and at this point ... only) grandson.

Nanny is very proud of you!
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Bi-Annual Update

So ... I'm not gonna lie. In my head I think my simplehappy home blog is kaput, just when one of my children reminds me that they have "people" who count on me for updates. So here I am again ... not really with apologies ... but with a new crop of photos of my brood.
I just came back from a trip to the Dubs where Miss Dub1 showed off her skills on a musical instrument sent by fave aunt and uncle, Sonny Boy and Mrs. Boy, from Cancun. The band-aid on her head hides a very ugly puncture wound (pulled together by 6 stitches) that was inflicted by a plastic golf club ... at golf class. No lie.

Here is Miss Dub2 showing off her spunky attitude on the playground. If there was a Spunk-O-Meter, she would be off the charts.

Miss Dub3 provides us with pure and simple scrumptiousness. Seriously, it is hard not to want to eat her whole.

Mr. Gee is honing is baseball skills ... and a lot of other skills that involve a lot of movement and very loud noise. He's a charmer, that Mr. Gee.

L'il Sis ... the "Sweet Pea" ... is oozing with charm also. Most of it oozes out of her head in the form of hair. Beautiful, curly hair. I'm pretty certain if you watched closely enough, you could see it grow.

Last but not least (actually, I had other pics of Sonny & Mrs. Boy's spectacular Cancun vistas, but Blogger ate them ... this will force me to do more posts. I swear) is Ms. Gee's baby boy, Morrissey. Also ranking high on the Cute-O-Meter. You want to meet him in person, admit it.

That's it. I actually DO apologize and will try to do better.

Seriously, I will.

HEY! Blogger did come through! Enjoy this vicariously ... just as I had to. Sonny Boy and the Mrs. are spectacular photographers!

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West Coast Winter

So ... now that The Dub's are in the Northwest ... relatively close to the coast ... I like to think that if I went to the beach and looked to my right, I could wave to them. You know, because we are now pretty much on the same street. These beautiful Dubbies warmed my heart this season when we Skyped/Face-timed with them on Christmas night. In fact the whole family was united through technology ... West Coast to East. I realize that this picture doesn't include Baby Sis, but I will not forget her in my next post.

Here are the local sweeties. I can't believe how excited they are to see Santa. Mr. Gee there could not be smiling any harder and the li'l sweet pea practiced her "ho, ho, ho"s all season long. As an after-Christmas present to her mom, she finally started walking.

I missed out on that big moment because I was "up the street" in the SF Bay Area with Ms. Gee and her pup.

I hope your Christmas was this lovely and that you are smiling just as earnestly as Li'l Mr. Gee.

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