~ OCD: One Crafty Diva ~

So ... my friend Kelley ... aka Glamma Fabulous has started an Etsy Shop. Kelley loves Halloween like no one I know, in fact it just may border on the weird. But who cares! She has channeled her obsession into these fabulous paper mache pumpkins and as you can see no detail has been left unaddressed. Go ahead ... you know you want one. Just click here.

Then start your own Halloween obsession. It's the perfect time of year for it.
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Don't it make your brown eyes ...

So ... I like blue.


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~ The Sisterhood of the Travelling Necklace ~

So ... you may or may not have remembered that in the midst of my globe trotting ways as of late ... I won another GiveAway. Seriously people, I do not know why my odds for this sort of thing are so high, but I find it best not to ask questions. I made my entry for this one while on my trip to Chicago-land almost a month ago. When Gina informed me that I had won, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my L'il Miss and so I told her to send it on to SoCal-land, which she did. Please keep in mind that it was mailed from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I can feel breezes just looking at it.

I am currently in the middle of a "project" that is taxing my psyche as well as my back and my sweet, breezy, coral necklace serves as the perfect inspiration.

Thank you, Gina and Isolabella. 'Cause it was 107 degrees when I got off the plane in the Land of AZ and breezes are in high demand.
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~A Fabulous Forecast ~

So ... I just got back from a week in Sunny Southern California. Can I tell you how much I love it there? Can you guess why? For starters ... Li'l Miss Gee is a precious, happy, beautiful, baby. I loved, loved, loved nuzzling her. She really smells go-ood. (It's also 30 degrees cooler there, but let's stick to the important stuff.)

I also loved hanging out with this boy and his dog, Ralphie.

I am in serious withdrawal. Do you blame me?
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~ Nanny X 4! ~

So ... L'il Miss Gee arrived yesterday (at 4:15 p.m., weighing in at 7 lb. 1 oz -- exactly the same as her brother, although she was 2 weeks early) and she is more precious than words can say. I will actually get my Nanny-hands on her tomorrow. For now I must risk shorting out my computer as I drool/cry onto my keyboard on a regular basis.

Her big brother, Mr. Gee thinks she is pret-ty special.

He's a smart one, that Mr. Gee.
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~ Seeing the Sights ~

So ... I have been gone for a bit. To the Windy City Environs. The scenery was beautiful, as is rather obvious.*

But I must be perfectly honest and admit that it was the scenery below that particularly caught my eye ... and my heart.

Sigh. I sure do love being a Nanny.**

* These two top pictures are of Lake Michigan, taken from a beach in Wisconsin.

** "Nanny" is what they have named me. I am related to them and have not been hired to take care of them ... although I would do it in a heartbeat for free.

*** While I was gone ... I won another GiveAway!! I know it seems to be unfair that I apparently have a gift for this sort of thing. Just accept it. This particular bit of unexpected bounty is a beautiful coral necklace from Isola Bella. Check out her work. It's yummy.

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