West Coast Winter

So ... now that The Dub's are in the Northwest ... relatively close to the coast ... I like to think that if I went to the beach and looked to my right, I could wave to them. You know, because we are now pretty much on the same street. These beautiful Dubbies warmed my heart this season when we Skyped/Face-timed with them on Christmas night. In fact the whole family was united through technology ... West Coast to East. I realize that this picture doesn't include Baby Sis, but I will not forget her in my next post.

Here are the local sweeties. I can't believe how excited they are to see Santa. Mr. Gee there could not be smiling any harder and the li'l sweet pea practiced her "ho, ho, ho"s all season long. As an after-Christmas present to her mom, she finally started walking.

I missed out on that big moment because I was "up the street" in the SF Bay Area with Ms. Gee and her pup.

I hope your Christmas was this lovely and that you are smiling just as earnestly as Li'l Mr. Gee.

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