My Spokes-Peeps!

Let's face it people, it's less than a week until Christmas and I am just too dang tired to
be creative and/or clever.

So ... here is a gift of 4000 words.

Knock yourself out with ... awe.

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Stephanie said...

oh! i love miss dub's dress. i guess that's what comes from having such a fashionable mama.
and could mr. gee be any more handsome? i don't think so.

P Daddy said...

And so we can see that even if she didn't know a fat quarter from a bias square (and, trust me, she does), and all her simplehappy home had ever produced was those beautiful grandkids and their mothers, aunts, and uncle, she'd still have given us the best gifts this Christmas and every other one.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I feel the same way!!!!!Those grandchildren are darling! and they are getting soooo big!

Mrs. Dub said...

i can only take half-credit for your spokes-peeps ... or is it a third, depending on the dog's spoke-status.

anyway, even though i see her all the time, i'm happy to look at pics of these kids in lieu of words any time. but words and pics are even better!

Angy said...

thanks for the christmas card AND the picture of the cutest kids EVER! i totally put their pictures up at work! now i get to see them everyday hehe :) <3 them!

P Daddy said...

Of course, the poultry association insists only chickens can be real peeps, but I would have expected someone as informed as Mrs. Dub to know that Asher was a spokes-woof.

brooke gfunk said...

You two were Born to be Grandparents!Have a great Christmas with Lil Gee!
I Loved yer card!

Kate said...

Hooray for pics of these two. I love your card (saw it at my parents' house). And... please tell Amy that her card was fabulous. I think she's outdone herself again. I LOVED it. That lil' Gee is so cute.