Life is Funny

So ... life is funny. Take today for instance. I had a busy day and upon returning home, I stopped to get my mail. It was all pretty much junk except that lo and behold, there amongst the junk was a ... magic key. (My mail comes to one of those multi-user boxes at the end of the street where, if I receive anything bigger than the usual, I am given a key to open another ... larger ... box where I will find some sort of package. I agree ... this has game show written all over it.) Much to my delight and shake-my-head-surprise it was from my friend Ginger. Let me explain:

Ginger and I have never met, we live thousands of miles apart, but we know each other three different ways. (#1) She is the sister-in-law to not one but two of my daughters' roommates. (#2) She is a quilter and a blogger and (#3) She won a Give-Away of mine back in the day when life was normal and I did stuff like ... give stuff away.

Well, my package contained these three oh-so-lovely fabrics that are oh-so-me with a note that said she was weeding through her stash and apparently found these fabrics screaming my name and so she took the time to send them on to me.
Wow. Life is funny.
And good too.
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Oooh ... Shiny

So ... I got some new appliances. Let's just say that they were long overdue. Let's also say that I am in awe of their beauty first and their functionality second.

So why am not cooking up a storm and making plans to be The Next Food Network Star?

Give me time. I'm still trying to get over the fact that every time I pass the fridge, lights reflect off of it and I think it's open. That and the fact that I am having a hard time letting anything smudgeable near the stove top.

I'm sorry Ina. I promise to do you proud.

Just give me some time.
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Like a Hole in the Head ...

So ... I went to Target today. To buy one of those little basket dealies that holds chlorine tablets for my swimming pool. Because the old one basically disintegrated.

I found one. I bought it. But ... unfortunately ... that's not all I bought.

I also bought this swell pillow in these swell colors which I pretty much didn't need. At all. Ever. "Was it on sale?" you ask with a bit of cynicism in your voice. Oh ... yes siree ... for a whopping 15% off. Please know that I am aware that means bumkus. It was just a start of my rationalization process that ended when the woman in front of me in line was buying the exact same pillow.

So, it's pretty clear that I was destined to buy it.

Please don't let me go to Target again.

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Abra Cadabra

I went to the Magic Kingdom this week and all I got was a day o' joy, a head full of delightful memories and ...

A wicked head cold.

Eh ... two out of three ain't bad.

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Has Spring Sprung??

So ... you need to know a couple of things:

#1) It is pretty hard to get anything done around here what with the beauty and entertaining skillz of these three girlies.

#2) Contrary to popular belief, summer has not arrived in AZ-town. The water that these guys are frolicking in is pretty much free-eezing. You must understand that they are from CHI-town and have not felt the sun on their extremities for quite some time. I am personally hoping that they get over this need to "dip" before someone does a swan dive.

But come to think of it, life has been sunnier since they arrived.

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