~ Random Stuff ~

So ... I succumbed again at Target. Can you really blame me?

The mornings in my living room are a little bit of heaven. The light through my "wedding veil" curtains is pretty spectacular.

Mrs. Gee and I made this cake for me to take to a weekday meeting at church. I am really, really popular at church now.

Um ... L'il Mr. Gee can fly. (See here for a picture of Miss Dub1 flying. It must be genetic.) Mr. Gee really likes to bowl. And to smile.

I hope you enjoyed this spattering of shopping, glowing, baking and flying. You've got to admit, that is pretty darned random.
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~ Just Beachy ~

So ... this picture is from a morning jaunt a couple weeks ago. Doheny State Beach at Dana Point, if you must know.

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~ Sibling Love ~

So ... I interupt my absolutely riveting home tour to give you a taste of just exactly what it is that even drives me to decorate in the first place.

Fabric is Fine and Furniture is Fabulous, but let's face it, Grandkids are ... well ...

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~ Singin' the Blues ~

So ... I have this recurring dream where I move into a new house (that apparently I have just been given) and I keep discovering new rooms that I didn't know existed. How cool is that?! I seriously do have this dream a lot and I'm never wake up unhappy when I do.

This week I discovered a new room in my new house ... that I like to call "the porch". My porch does not have covering so my choices were limited. (The people who bought my AZ house made my patio furniture part of the original deal, so I was starting from scratch.) I finally settled on these resin adirodak chairs with weather proof pillows. Since it was in the 70's all week long, this was a very pleasant room to hang out in. I will say that it would have been a tad more practical for my newly discovered room to be someplace to put my computer, but hey, I'll take sunshine and fresh air and ... blue. I am not complaining.

I potted these hydrangeas that were given to me as a housewarming gift from a (new) friend. Thank you my new friend. Please don't be offended if I accidently kill them.

So ... come on over and sit a spell.
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~ The Power of Print ~

So ... I sewed.

I sewed curtains for my kitchen. I am quite thrilled with how they turned out ... which so beats the alternative.

I love how the cobalt blue in the lovely, leafy pattern shows against the pale aqua of the walls. Once I hung the curtains ... (Oh, who am I kidding, Mrs. Gee hung the curtains because Mrs. Gee is tall and I am decidedly ... not. Thank you PDaddy for contributing some tall genes. Thank you Mrs. Gee for hanging every single curtain [and rod] in my house.) ... I realized how happy I was that there were not beautiful white shutters on those windows like I was blessed with in so many other rooms in the house. The print delights me every dang time I walk into the room. If you ever wondered just why I am so in love with fabric ... now you know.

In other, more excrutiatingly painful news ... my back and I are once again no longer speaking. This could possibly be due to the fact that I lugged things around the garage this morning for about 3 hours. Much of that lugging was into a four foot tall space that is under my living room. The one time that being short could be an advantage and I'm not short enough. Seriously ... that can't be fair.

Oh, who cares. I've got print in my kitchen and room for my car.

And I sewed.

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~ From Lakers to ... Lovely ~

So ... what you are seeing in the picture above is my bathroom as it looked when I purchased the home. The brown here actually showed more like ... gold. To add to the fun, that "little room within the bathroom" was painted a rather bright ... purple. I kid you not. My first thought was that they were going with some sort of a royal theme, until I was reminded (probably by a man) that purple and gold are the colors of the L.A. Lakers. Either way, they were not my colors. Hmmmm ... let's see ... what would I want to paint a bathroom?

You guessed it ... blue. This is the medium hue of the three different blues that were painted in my home in various different rooms. (Not all of the rooms because I left everything that was white ... white ... and I left my bedroom a very lovely beige.) My favorite part of this bathroom is that there was this tiny, useless space beside the bathtub and I made it use-ful by placing the CD holder there, that previously held all my thread in my studio. I love that thing! It actually holds some practical items that I might have had trouble otherwise finding a place for.

And as for that "little room". Not so purple anymore. The same lovely blue with an even lovelier seashell theme.

Don't you just want to hang out here?*

*please make an appointment