In other weather-related news ...

So ... it rained here a little last week. Uhhhh .... let me rephrase that. It rained buckets here last week. Yard-flooding, Ark-making buckets of rain, accompanied by torrential winds. Rain has always been a bit of a sore spot in this particular home. Drainage issues consumed us for many ... many ... years. About two years ago we attacked those issues with a vengence, but until last week that work had not really been tested.

Well ... it passed the test. Worked like a charm. I might even go so far as to say that my yard likes me, it really, really likes me.

And visa-versa. As you can see in the photo above, the sun is now shining and I am too. I am not quite sure how to segue into this next picture, but let's just say that it's also seasonly related.

Here are the November and December blocks that complete my Block of the Month from Bunny Hill. I actually sewed these one day in December when I was feeling a bit blue and needed a colorful distraction that wasn't on a to-do list. I didn't do the hand work until last week. I have too many projects on the to-do list currently to put these babies together ... but it is a goal for 2010, really it is.

I hope I haven't messed with your head by publishing these holiday has-beens. I also hope the sun is shining where you are. But do tell ...

Did you have storms? Did you weather them? Does your yard like you as much as mine likes me??

Thanks to Renee ... my new boss ... for the shoutout over the weekend. Work was never so much fun!

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It's a Pillow Miracle!

So ... I have had this fabric since sometime last summer. Upholstery type fabric. Reversible type fabric. Gooooood fabric.

When it finally came time to actually sew up said pillow slipcovers, I discovered that would not have enough for all four of the pillows I was planning to cover. The store that I purchased the fabric from last summer is a discount fabric establishment that carries ends of bolts and other paraphenalia. I don't know why I even attempted to go and look for some more ... now 5 or 6 months later, but I did and I naturally made Ms. Gee go with me for moral support. We scoured the store front to back and top to bottom to no avail. But then ...

... just as we were leaving I spotted a small amount of this luscious woven goodness hanging on a rack with other remnants that were 2 yards or less. The exact amount I needed, by the way.

And I just want to say that it's not the first fabric surprise of this kind that I have experienced. I also want to say how grateful I am for small blessings.

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Next: Banjos!

So ... Ms. Gee and I have been hanging out in The Kingdom together. Our "Dueling Berninas" system is actually more productive than what you might think. Yes, there is much raucous laughter and a lot of talking to our own selves ... only to be questioned by the other one about what was said and then needing to repeat it ... but progress is made. Seriously.

Keep in mind that Ms. Gee is working on far more complicated projects than me. Her's involve zippers and linings and algebraic equations. Mine involve 1/4" seams. Hers will turn into chic one-of-a-kind handbags and will be featured on her Etsy Shop. Mine will turn into Pillow Slipcovers to be featured in my living room (and in a future post) and these red/green babies will be a class sample to be taught here on April 22nd.

I am well aware that my whales have been hanging on that wall since last summer. I swear to you that I have made progress on them (they are hand appliqued) and are really, truly my next project to bring to completion. Really.

In the meantime I will savor every moment of our dual reign in The Kingdom. There are only a couple more weeks to enhale all that mother/daughter goodness. After that it's back to talking to myself ... and then having to answer myself too.

And that is just too much for one woman. Truly.

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The Blues

So ... don't get me wrong ... in my world the blues are just what I'm looking for. I love, love, love this combo of blue and white and the fact that some starfish are thrown in doesn't hurt one bit.

I put together this little number (just 14" square) for the January meeting of Patchwork Pilot Club. It hails from a free pattern from Bunny Hill and yes, I have made it before. It's a fabulous exercise in precision piecing and it is in the realm of possibility to finish the top in one 3 hour class.

But for me it's all about the color.

So tell me ... what are your favorite color combinations??

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Are there not Child Labor Laws?

So ... the holidays have come and gone but all of my children have not. That's right, Ms. Gee/Are is hanging around for the next month or so while in between jobs and cities. I cannot begin to tell you just how much fun it has been. I will refrain, so as to not seem overly smug.

As part of a Christmas afterthought, I got these new kitchen chairs. Let's just say that the old ones were becoming a danger to those who chose to sit upon them. And ... they were becoming ugly. Thanks to the bargain hunting savvy of Mrs. Gee, (different daughter) I was practically able to steal them.

But judiciously chose not to.

Part of the bargain is the fact that they arrive in boxes ... without the legs attached. That's 24 legs if you are counting. I was.

On Wednesday night, while I was out partying, (with a bunch of quilters from here, do not ... I repeat do not ... get excited about my partying ways) Ms. Gee assembled each and every chair. And THIS is how she paid for it.

I seriously would be more sorry about that if I wasn't so pleased as punch with how they look. Thank you, thank you, daughter dearest.

Would any of you like to vicariously join us in a Law & Order/30 Rock/ Divine Design marathon?? Just asking.

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