Baby ... it's Cold Outside!

So ... tell me truthfully ... when you think of Arizona do you think of scarves and gloves and hot chocolate with marshmellows?

That's why I had so much to be grateful for this weekend.
(You know ... the everything-is-relative attitude.)

Saturday night was our Ward Christmas Party. Instead of pretending it was winter while we sat in folding chairs around the Cultural Hall, we were actually outside ... wearing scarves and gloves ... huddling together ... and walking together ... and singing.
The party was held outdoors at three different homes, the first two of which were far enough away to make the walk invigorating and close enough together to make it doable. At one point we (and by "we" I mean a mass ... over a hundred strong ) crossed a reasonably busy street, carrying candles (inside plastic cups) singing carols and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. (We were polite enough not to make the traffic wait for all of us, btw.)

Were there wise men in bathrobes and picture-taking opportunities with Santa?
You betcha!

Were there homemade marshmellows and chocolate shavings for the hot chocolate?
Let's just say the hot chocolate was exquisite.

Was I happy to get in the car and finally warm up my hands at the end of the evening?
Ooooohhhhhh yes.

Hope your weekend was as splendid as mine. Do tell ...
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P Daddy said...

Somehow, my weekend seems to have been exactly like yours. How strange!

Mrs. Dub said...

let's just say if that party had been thrown in our neighborhood this weekend, we would have ended up with a foot of snow atop our hats. and probably hypothermia.

and, really, did you need gloves?

P Daddy said...

Trust me--she needed gloves--her hands were very, very cold and she insisted on frequently proving that fact by placing them on innocent and unsuspecting portions of my body. Maybe 40 isn't cold for you Midwesterners, but it's pretty cool for an evening stroll in Paradise Valley.

Kate said...

Now that sounds like a wonderful ward party. I love it! And yes, it has been awfully chilly lately. I can't believe I survived three years in NW Ohio. It didn't take long for my blood to thicken back up.

Angy said...

i dont know what you're talking about... i use gloves everyday! lol