wonder and awe

L'il Gee (decked out in his finest candy-cane P.J.s) was all agog on Christmas Eve.

We are unpacking and repacking as we speak to prepare to see our lovely Miss Dub.

And who-knows-how-many inches of snow.

(Eeeeeeeek. This Arizona girl's blood may be a tad too thin.)

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steph said...

what awesome pics! seriously... lil gee, we'll see you in just 2 days!

Angy said...

how cute is he!? he's so in awe with the lights... love it!

Leslie said...

he is the absolute cutest!!
have a safe trip!

Amy G. said...

Thanks for posting those! I didn't really get a chance to see them after you took them. He really was the cutest little Christmas candy cane there ever was!

P Daddy said...

Thanks to the Gees, and especially Mrs. Gee, for being such wonderful Christmas hosts--the food was yummy and the company was comfortable and fun. Special thanks to L'il Gee for being so entertaining and always laughing and smiling for Papa Ess. Also to Mr. Gee for the great idea for the Christmas night walk along the canals and lighted houses and boats of Naples. And to Vespaesq for being willing to proofread documents, even though I didn't take up her offer. And, of course, to Kinko's/FedEx for the "lovely" six-hour Christmas eve party (though West Coast Bagels and Wahoo's did at least break it up a bit). And to the mechanic in the sky who heard our pleas and got the power steering and vacuum assist working again in the Albertson's parking lot on the way out of town.