That's what Friends are for ...

So ... I've been away for a bit.

Let's just say that after that l'il bout I had with salmonella, we had a week long hospital stay involving PDaddy and then just as we were bringing him home we discovered a "slab leak". For those not in the know ... "slab leak" = evil.

The good news is that all the grandkids are here with more children coming this weekend. The good-er news is that we have the most marvelous friends in the world, many of whom that have superb plumbing and drywall skills. Other friends have amazing cooking skills. Others have done our laundry without so much as a whimper. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

The good-est news of all is that we are home, we have running water, and these grandkids are still keeping us in grins. Once again we have too many blessings to count.

p.s. The above picture was taken when one of their mothers discovered them in The Kingdom playing "office" with some sort of Business that involved thread spools and quilting gloves. When questioned where they found the quilting gloves, Miss Dub promptly replied, "In the glove aisle, of course."

p.p.s. Oddly enough, I won another give-away from this blog, through my friend at this blog. I know it's unfair, but what can I say?

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I've got plenty of Somethin' ...

So ... having been a bad, bad blogger*, I might be tempted to use an excuse the fact that I've just got nothin'. Except that it's pretty clear here, that the somethin's I do have are ... quite something. Take Miss Dub2 for example, pictured above. She is clearly too scrumptious for words.

These two sisters are quite the pair and I miss them more than I can say. But every, every single day I look at these pictures (and more) and we send the most loving vibes back and forth. Can you feel them?

Here is Miss Dub1 last weekend as she excitedly prepared to go see a live production of "Cinderella". She absolutely loved it until half way through when she proclaimed, "I'm not so much into plays anymore." Now you've gotta admire a girl who knows what she wants.

And here is Mr. Gee making wishes in the fountain. If he wished he could come and see us, then that is one magical fountain. The Gees will be here this weekend (along with Ms. Vee ... er Gee ... er Are?). Li'l Gee and his mom will stay on through the next week. I will be a quarter past giddy.

So ... admit it ... I have definitely got somethin'.

*I will put it out there that part of my bad blogging ways can be attributed to a little case of salmonella that I had last week. Seriously.

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