All is Bright

So ... if I have to leaving you looking at the same picture for the next ten days or so, I thought this one was best. It just does not get any simpler ... or happier ... than this.

We are off to see children and grandchildren in not one, but two states. We leave behind Sonny Boy and the Mrs. to mind the stable (and will miss them desperately.)

We wish you and yours a Christmas filled with family and love.

And a Baby in a manger.

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steph said...

we'll miss you too! seriously, it'll be like 10 whole days! i guess that we'll just have a bunch to talk about when we all get back home!

merry christmas!

give miss dub a squeeze for us... we'll miss her.

t, we'll see you soon!

Angy said...

Merry Christmas ess family!!! Have a fabulous trip and give those kiddies some auntie angy lovins!! :)