you had me at "apple pie"

So . . . where does Baseball fit into the concept of home -- and sewing? Because it fits into my home . . . every single summer . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way. And besides, it's all about color.

You see, when I first met PDaddy, he informed me of one very important fact. He bled Dodger Blue. He was from Southern Cal and he rooted for the Dodgers and that meant they were an integral part of his very makeup. When we moved to the DC area, he was able to assuage his homesickness by rooting for the Orioles, (but . . . not to the point that he bled Oriole Orange.)

Only when the Diamondbacks came to Arizona was he able to switch his alligience . . . but not without some angst. We have had season tickets since the Opening Game, and when I witnessed him screaming and dancing around the family room the night they won the World Series, I knew some purple, teal and black were floating in there among the capillaries.

(The fact that they now sport Sedona Red really . . . stymies . . . me, but I'm hardly the girl to talk if you look at my history of hair and pillows-on-the-couch color.)

Moral of the story: We all bleed baseball. Even the grandkids have some red stitching in their veins. For instance, here is our darling granddaughter Miss Dub at a Cubs game this summer.

Ditto for L'il Gee with his dad (Mr. Gee) at an Angels game. All the Gees will be with us at a D'backs game next weekend. Hooray!

Who are we kidding? I do love baseball, but the entire purpose of this post was to show off these pictures. Who can blame me.


ginny said...

I can imagine PDaddy shouting "aw, c'mon blue" and maybe a "YES!" or two during the '01 world series, but "screaming and dancing around the family room"? I think we need some pictures of that.

ginny said...

Oh, but remember the time PDaddy was absolutely furious with Mrs. Dub because she said she was rooting for the Yankees? And remember how she was only three?

Stephanie said...

those cute kids are definitely worthy of being shown off! please do it more!

Mrs. Dub said...

i'm all for the d-backs color change. purple and teal? you might as well have had a rainbow mascot.

Leslie said...

ya, purple and teal are my 6-year-old daughter's favorite colors. as a lifetime angels fan, i'd have to admit even I'd prefer dodger blue over that. :)

and how cute are those BABIES!!! :)

P Daddy said...

I think if you cut me, I'd still bleed blue, and I doubt I'll ever feel about Randy Johnson or Brandon Webb the way I feel about Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale and Orel Hershiser, even if I root for the DBs against the Dodgers head to head. If we ever move to SoCal I expect that would change pretty quickly. And on resurrection morning I would probably prefer to wake up in Dodger Stadium (er, near the LA Temple) than Chase Field (or the Arizona Temple).

The red uniforms look better, but a team shouldn't change its colors. The Angels went from mostly blue with red trim to most red with blue trim. That's okay, but you shouldn't change your name from Los Angeles to California to Anaheim to Los Angeles of Anaheim (moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles is fine, however(. And your stadiums should be name for a street or politician or the team or a former player, not a company. And you shouldn't be able to hold the homerun record if your hat and shoe size double over one off-season, even you had the best eye for balls and strikes in history, with or without juice. And you should play games in the daytime on natural grass on a field bordered by cornfields...

Well, I'm just glad Mary has learned to live with my passion. I think she realized quilts and ball fields are both layed out on the square.

Leslie said...

point well taken about the whole los angeles angels of anaheim fiasco. that's just about the most ridiculous thing ever.
and can we talk about how randy johnson is about the most unattractive person in baseball or is that too mean for mary's blog? :)
the best thing about baseball in texas is (even if it's the national league), after "take me out to the ballgame," we all stay standing and sing "deep in the heart of texas."
life is good when you're at a baseball game, no matter where.

Mary said...

That is not too mean for Mary's blog. That is absolutely correct.