A-Musing . . .

If you look very closely at the picture below, you can see clearly that the basket on top of my armoire is full of magical fairy dust that . . . glows . . . as all magical fairy dust is wont to do. (It's basically the nature of fairy dust.) The reason that it collects there is because that splendid piece of furniture is where my Muse lives.

Every day before I go to work on any particular project, I gingerly open the door (partly out of anticipation, and partly out of a need to protect myself from a lot of the stuff that is stored in there that could fall on my head) and invite my Muse to sit on the couch with me.

I might just pick one or I might pick a whole stack. I might go upstairs and pick a Muse from the baskets and shelves in my sewing room. But, sooner or later I will settle in to soak up some inspiration and rev up the juices. "Be Creative. Be Yourself", my Muse whispers in my ear. (If you blow up the picture below, she will whisper it in your ear, too.)

The problem is this: Sometimes I soak so long, I get downright . . . pruney. Sometimes I muse for so long, there is no longer time to . . . create anything. Am I alone here, people? Does anyone else have the problem of looking at books or magazines for a long, long time before the thought enters the mind, "Hmmmm, perhaps I should quit reading about sewing and actually . . . sew." Ya think?

I am not necessarily looking for answers. The answer is relatively simple: Get out of The Stacks and into The Stash. I just want to know that I am not alone in my dilemma. I just want to have someone validate that it's okay if I loaf around on the couch from time to time.

I just want to be covered in fairy dust.


Leslie said...

um, ya. he-llo! love country home!! i could spend a long time looking at magazines. they pile up on my table after i get the mail. sometimes i'll look at them on the floor until my baby crawls up and tries to eat my face.

but i do love me some country home. do you get country living? also fab.

hilari said...

sometimes i think that if i look at magazines and catalogs of nice, clean, well decorated houses for long enough, then mine might magically start to become all of those things. please tell me it will, or what i'm doing really is a huge waste of time.

Mrs. Dub said...

great, so it's a genetic thing. and all this time i thought i could conquer the problem. clearly, i must give in to my endless dreaming never realizing ways!

P Daddy said...

Occasionally, the thoughts "put down the Sports Illustrated" or "put down the remote" or "turn off the game", along with "get outside" or "get moving" or "go to the gym" start bouncing around inside my head while I am lost in MY muse. But I have found the following solution: loosen or remove a restrictive item of clothing, down a large cold drink, and consume (preferably with ones fingers) one supersized portion of something fried, breaded, or at one time generally associated with the animal kingdom (or, ideally, all three). Almost immediately after this simple exercise, those rude thoughts (and most other conscious processes) vanish, and I can resume full enjoyment of MY muse (or a resulting snooze).