The Secret Garden

For a Blog about home and family and all things pretty, you may have noticed a distinct lack of musings about Gardens.  You know, those serene and lovely patches in your yard where everything blooms in a myriad of colors and you snip them and put them in vases around your home and then a magazine comes and takes pictures of it and everyone thinks that when they get to Heaven, it will look just like your house?
Yea, those Gardens.  Unfortunately, none of those gardens are to be found at my home, nor are they within a fairly large radius, I suspect.  In my defense I offer one word:  Ridiculous-blazing-hair-on-your-arms-singeing-heat. Around here we call that . . . Arizona.
Being the chipper sort that I am however, I offer some substitutes that have worked for me for years . . . and will for years to come.  If I ever move someplace where gardening isn't life-threatening, I could possibly add it to my ever-growing list of hobbies.  In the meantime, I present the simplehappy 3 "F's" of Gardening:

Florist.  These absolutely gorgeous flowers came from someone else who grew them and then I won them at a meeting at work.  So . . . I didn't even have to pay for them.  Now, that is smart gardening.

Fake.  Let's face it, I have a lot of fake flowers at my home and I am not too proud to admit it.  I do feel, however, that I have a knack to pick good fake flowers over lousy ones.  Someday, I will teach a class on that.

Fabric:  No doubt about it, the fabric garden reigns where I live.  These flowers never need watering or dusting. They can be transformed into pillows, (see above) curtains, tablecloths and (of course) quilts.  

All without singeing a single hair on my arm.


ginny said...

First, asswords, now a post dedicated to F-words. This blog is going downhill fast.

Amy G. said...

I have definitely inherited your love for floral fabrics. Thank goodness the Mr. no longer thinks that checks are too "girly!"

Oh, and by the way, I do believe that there is a beautifully lush garden awaiting you on Orangeview Road!

Mrs. Dub said...

is it just me, or does anyone else take issue with some of this post? was it not mommie's tender care that helped keep our house bloomin' with rose bushes all those years? and helped pad the wallets of neighborhood children when we went on vacation and need guest waterers?

i'm a just a little disturbed that you didn't confess that your floral thumb goes beyond faux.

P Daddy said...

I don't know about flowers, but based on her sugar cookies, pumpkin pie, and jello cake she's always had a great touch with flours.

Of course, I thought the three F's were food, football, and farting, but I have a different perspective on what makes a happy home.