... and I'll cry if I want to!

So . . . this is the result of the latest forage through The Stash.

And this is as far as I have gotten with my project.

So, the $64,000 question is this: What the heck is the big picture, the overall plan? Do I have a clue as to what is to come next? The answers are "I'm not sure, Is there supposed to be a plan? and . . . uh . . . no."

As you well know by now -- normally I don't care -- I just roll with the creative punches and see what comes out. But this time I did care. This time it meant I couldn't go to the party.

On Monday, in the process of "blinking" (going from blog link to blog link to ...) I came across this lovely blog by "Artsymama". She announced that on Wednesday she was having a party! Everyone was supposed to put some simple instructions for a craft on their blog and leave a comment on her blog to link to. Keep in mind that these are not really quilters, in fact they are not at all. They're paper-crafters for the most part, (which I am not, even in the least part) but I could stare at this stuff for hours (and do) and get all sorts of fabric-type inspiration.

(Wait a minute . . . this is where PDaddy has rolled over in the grave he will want to be in if I pick up any new kitchy, glittery crafts. Shield your eyes PDaddy! Don't say I didn't warn you.)

At any rate, I wanted to participate but I just plain chickened out. And then yesterday I went to her blog and blinked my brains out some more and was so delighted by everyone's offerings. (And by 'everyone', I mean, like, 180 people at last count.) I could have come up with something, but alas I did not. The moral of this story may be too obvious to state.

But . . . not too late to learn from.


pam said...

I would cry too, but it happened to you!

(Have your own party!)

P Daddy said...

Hey nice flashback, and clever wordplay, by the Pamster to/from a Leslie Gore oldie.

Let's just say I think our fire insurance rating will go through the roof if a paper stash is added to The Stash, so let's leave the papercraft to our daughters and just draw inspiration from the papercrafters. Paper piecing will have to be enough.

Did I just say, "paper piecing". Sheesh, how am I supposed to remember important things like Marginal Value Above Replacement Player and On Base Percentage Plus Slugging Average or rank the players for the football fantasy league draft or remember when the tractor pull comes to town if I keep having to assimilate things like paper piecing, fat quarters, flying geese units, selvedge, stipple stitch, and the respective uses of sergers, long arm machines, and digitized embroidery (makes me hungry for some power tools). If I have to expand to paper making and paper craft terminology, it's going to take more to save my fleeting masculinity than a rare steak, some pumpkin seeds, or a prescription with side effects that really shouldn't be spoken aloud in network TV ads.

Mrs. Dub said...

blinking is a disease - and one i'm afraid i gave to you.

(in other news, the blog seems to be healthy again!)

steph said...

yay! your blog is feeling better today!

boo! for missing the party.

P Daddy said...

Okay, to give proper credit, Mary made the first reference to the pop oldie in her title, but Pam's "it happened to you" comeback was still great.

Believe me, no one is happier than I that the blog is better today...otherwise I would be consigned to the rant-hearing-out and blogger-consoling roles...I'd sooner try to bind a quilt than bind those wounds.

Ginny said...

Hee Hee (imagining Pdaddy binding a quilt while watching ESPN in the family room).

I'm also glad your blog is better, but it caused me to get behind on reading and commenting.

I can see where you were going with this craft--those look like paper-pieced amish blocks to me! Were you hoping to convert the scrapbookers at the party to quilting?! At the end of the day, I think quilting is a far more expensive hobby than scrapbooking. If you're ever successful, Pdaddy better buy those power tools and use them barracade the front door against the angry and broke hubbies of all of Arsymama's readers.

And then maybe you could hang quilts and pics of birds on the barracade.