The Stash

So, this is The Stash. Or -- more accurately -- a very small portion of it. Or -- to be honest -- this picture doesn't even cut the surface. But for the purposes of this post, it will do.

Every quilter has a Stash and she (I will always say "she" when referencing quilters, but that is only out of convenience and no offense should be taken if one does not fall into this category) displays it proudly to others quilters and sewers and friends. Oftentimes, portions of The Stash may be hidden from other "family members" who do not appreciate it's . . . grandeur. I am lucky enough that a) I keep my Stash in a closet where a simple closing of the door does the trick and b) my "family" (e.g. PDaddy) has no issues with The Stash and it's ever growing and blossoming nature.

And he shouldn't. Because I have rules where The Stash is concerned and I stick to them religiously. (And, let's face it, I am a religious person and don't throw that term around lightly either.) There are basically two rules:

Rule #1: Add to The Stash often* &
Rule #2: Always, always sew from The Stash.**

Perhaps a bit of explanation will help. *I prefer variety to quantity. I make smallish, scrappy quilts. As a result I see no need to buy 4 yards of any one fabric at a time. I buy half yards, third yards and fat quarters up the ying yang. Sometimes I'll buy 1 yard. Do I ever run out of a fabric I desperately need more of? All the time. That's why they call 'em "scrappy."

As to Rule #2
** That closet is my own personal Store. When I am starting something new . . . I go to The Store. The choices are (somewhat) more limited than the actual fabric store, and that just makes life easier. I can stand there for hours at a time pulling out options and cutting off pieces of them as I make decisions. (Try doing that at the fabric store -- they really, really, frown on it.) Without exception, I always find what I need.

So, there you have it. The Stash. The Rules.

The End.

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P Daddy said...

True, I'm okay with the stash (as long as it is not comprised of illegal pharmaceuticals), but I really worry that having fat quarters up the ying yang could prove quite painful.

But if everyone's stash was as benevolent as Mary's and ever quilter was as resourceful and every person was as frugal, well Nordstroms would be broke, JoAnns and TJMaxx would be gangbusters, and the world would be a better, simpler, and, yes, happier place.

Amy G. said...

I have a stash too. It is also known as "The Candy Box."

Leslie said...

amy and her candy. do you know how many sour patch kids that girl ate freshman year?

i'm forwarding your blog onto another devout quilter and mother of bloggers who now blogs. you guys should be friends. :)

Mrs. Dub said...

great, everyone has a stash but me?

i've got to get a stash of something, but not the kind that lands you in jail.

maybe finger puppets?

pam said...

One of my great claims about my stash is that when times get tough and we are actually eating our stored wheat, I can clothe the masses with the contents of my sewing room closet. Can my husband use his stash for such a noble cause? I think not - tile and granite are SO uncomfortable.

Jamie said...

I am so glad that my mom commented because her stash is pretty serious. I have heard her use the words "out of control" before. ALthough it is very organized. I, on the other hand, don't have a single piece of fabric in my house. I have more of the "scrapbooker stash" of supplies.

Angy said...

I don't think I have any stashes =/ Now I feel left out! lol... Maybe I should start something! :P