apparently it IS everything

There is a mantra that my children have heard more times than they would like to admit listening to and that mantra is this: Attitude is Everything.

Most of the time I practice what I preach, but it's not always easy. Last night was one of those less than easy times. Our backyard has what one might call some . . . issues. Drainage issues to be exact. If it rains more than a drizzle for more than a few minutes, the water collects in a lake in the backyard and if it gets really bad it spills onto the patio and infringes on the back door. Last night it poured steadily for over half an hour. My attitude was bordering on the cranky side, and just like the rain, it was infringing on the house.

On only a few occasions have we had to take the most drastic measure which is to take brooms and push the excess water into the swimming pool. For any of you who own a swimming pool or have had to clean one -- pushing dirty water into it is not the brightest idea in the world. In fact the folks at your local pool supply store would downright frown upon it.

But as luck would have it, the minute we sat down to dinner a decision had to be made. "We" included myself, my son and his sweet new bride. (I had already called PDaddy to warn him not to drive home in the deluge.) I got up from the table and went outside to start the process, grumbling ever so slightly under my breath. (Missing a meal is not my idea of a good-time-had-by-all.) The next thing I knew, Sonny-Boy was pushing along side of me and his wife was begging to take my broom. Turns out, she thought this was the most fun thing EVER! We stayed out there together in the much lowered temperatures, under the patio (where getting struck by lightening chances were . . . minimal) and sloshing around the water in our bare feet like kids.

So I guess I was right about attitude all along. I'm just hoping PDaddy felt the same way at 6 o'clock this morning when he had to clean the pool.

(I am well aware that the picture . . . has issues, but she was just moving so dang fast, it was the best I could do.)


Renee said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Love the action photo. I will be dropping in daily for a dose of your delightful writing!

We were out in that deluge after some horseback riding - the trek home (a mere 10 miles) took almost three hours with many detours and time spent in flooded parking lots trying to plot a path home.
xoxx, Renée

Mrs. Dub said...

so i thought this pic was courtesy of the infamous sonny boy since it had an edgy photoshop feel to it. turns out his bride is just that excited.

i agree about attitude. the difference between a good day and a bad day is rarely what happens. it's usually how you react.

glad you taught me it. now, if i could just remember that ...

Angy said...

hahaha! leave it to the stepherson! :P

Agreed... attitude is EVERYTHING! :)

steph said...

maybe i just didn't realize that i was SUPPOSED to be annoyed by the situation... sometimes, i read things wrong. for instance, i thought that sweeping the water was much like riding space mountain.

ginny said...

heh heh--we all know how Steph really felt about the sweeping now as we know she dislikes Splash Mountain (at least I think she does--or is that space mountain? I have all my faux mountains confused).

I also think the pic is super cool and thought you did it on purpose.

steph said...

ginny--you are more than right about splash mountain. HATE is the appropriate word (even though i was taught not to hate, only immensely dislike)... luckily, i said space mountain, and i L-O-V-E space mountain.

sara said...

I was at my parents' that the evening of the deluge and helped my dad push-broom water off the patio for a solid half-hour! (We tried to miss the pool but it was kinda unavoidable). The drainage ditch next to the house was a 10' wide raging torrent (containing all the water that had run off the mountain) and my return home was delayed by 90 minutes. My grandma's rain guage, one neighborhood over from my parents, read 2.25" when it was all said and done.

All that aside, welcome to blogland! My mom loves to see your quilts.

Mary said...

At this point, let's just say I DID do it on purpose. How cool am I now?

Amy G. said...

I have a house full of hardwood floors that need sweeping on a constant basis (thanks Asher!). Are you interested, Steph???