sitting in circles

What a weekend it has been! All L'il Gee, all the time. We have been very happy to see his parents, but let's be perfectly honest . . . it's all about the l'il ones.

We have been out for hummus, cheered on the D'backs to a spectacular win, wrapped the PV Ward around our little finger and gone swimming and shopping.

But most of all, we have sat around in a circle while L'il Mr. Gee lays on a blanket in the middle and entertains us. Seriously, for hours and hours we have done this. Hours. Sonny Boy and the Mrs. have been particularly adept at trying to teach (by example, I might add) the little guy to master the art of crawling. He did sport his first tooth while he was with us so who knows what else he might suprise us with before the end of the day. Teeth or no teeth, that kids grins like there's no tomorrow and that's all that counts.

In the middle of it all we found out that our l'il Miss Dub was under the weather with four (count 'em 4!) new teeth coming through, and, because we were all "baby soft" our hearts broke all the more.

In a month we'll have the babies together at the beach. Don't expect any coherency out of any of us then.
Yea, yea, I know it's really never expected of us.
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steph said...

teaching how to crawl by example?! who would do such a thing?! not i, i assure you. i am far too proper to get down on all fours. you must be thinking of someone else. yes, that must be it.

Mrs. Dub said...

miss dub is feeling much better, thanks!

her four teeth, however, are still a little cranky.

Stephanie said...

that lil gee is so handsome! he's such an S* baby. sorry mr. gee.

Kate said...

He is SOOO cute! And I do think he looks an awful lot like his mom. How fun for you to have him in town!!!