still looking for clues

So . . . after an amazing 5 comments from yesterday, I do have to say that Mrs. Dub gets the prize . . . basically because she is the only one who attempted to answer the questions.  However . . . PDaddy was not kidding when he said that he did some research.  I now know more than I could possibly need to know on the subject of "Who was the author."  (Ans: Carolyn Keene was actually a number of people over a number of years, some of whom were men.)  The other answers include Hannah Gruen, Carson Drew, Bess (who was plump) and George (who was a tomboy), "sleuthing"Ned Nickerson, Roadster (the color changed according to the author) and pumps.  Nancy Drew always wore pumps as I remember it, but in the movie it was penny loafers.  The answer to the final question is "a cookbook".  Apparently there is a Nancy Drew cookbook.  Please finish reading my blog before you frantically go searching for it on ebay, because I know you want to put on your apron a whip up a Hannah Gruen treat, just as much as I do.

Using an ever-so-smooth segue, I bring us back to quilts.  The above pictured "I Spy" quilt is one I made and taught in Grandma's Club at this store this week.  It was from a year-old issue of Better Homes & Gardens Quilts & More magazine, designed by Karen Montgomery. (This store still has some copies, if you want the pattern.) The purpose of "I Spy" quilts is for the youngins' to spend hours of quiet, well-behaved time, searching for pictures of specific objects found in the quilt.  These have traditionally been made with hexagons, which is such a royal pain to sew.  When I saw this pattern, I knew it was for me, plus I loved the concept of actually spying the objects in the fabric.

As much as I would be thrilled to hand off one of my precious N.D. books to Mrs. Dub, I have not officially closed the contest.  I have, however, tried to stay away from controversy this time around. I am finding that is sometimes easier said than done.


Mrs. Dub said...

If anyone tries to win that book from me, I will fight you.

I'm dying to know what the assword to larkspur lane is. I having a funny feeling it is 4-letters long.

steph said...

this quilt is the bomb-diggity. that's what i say!

Anonymous said...

Since you didn't seem to answer this bonus question:

4a. Her friends last names were Bess Marvin (short for Elizabeth) and George Fayne (short for Georgia).

Mrs. Dubb, I would definitely vie for the book, except of course it's hard to give it to an anonymous person!

pam said...

Nancy aside....I love that I Spy quilt and am sorry I didn't sign up for this month's GrandmasRUs Club!

I decline to enter your contest - I say give it to Mrs. Dub!

chelsea said...

I love the blog and I really love that quilt. Maybe I'll try to make one for my new babe!?

Mary said...

I was all set to award you the book Mrs. Dub, until you commented today, forcing me to consider washing your mouth out with soap.

However, I promise it will be from B&BW in your favorite scent.

It's the least I can do.

P Daddy said...

You already know this, but I love the colors, the design, and the magnified objects on this quilt. Anyone who can make a quilt that would not only interest but entertain a three-year-old boy is a genius in my book (you know how long, boring, over-researched, and un-Nancy-Drew-like that book is)!!

Mary said...

Oh . . . anonymous . . . you are right on with your answers. When I was posting, I couldn't reference (or see) my original post.

Long live George and Bess.