makes scents to me . . .

I really, really hope this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me . . . but I like to smell nice. I don't like an overwhelming smell, I just like a fresh smell. The problem is that I somehow have a body chemistry that keeps any scent that I apply to myself from lasting more than 7.65 minutes. And that just drives me crazy.

I once posed this quandry to the girl behind the perfume counter at the mall and she suggested that I "layer" my scents. Lotion + Perfume + Powder + something-more-I'm-sure. It didn't take me long to figure out that she was working on commission and that this daily routine was going to cost me my first born.

And then I discovered Bath and Body Works. Several years later and cupboards-worth of every scent they have sold during that duration and I have finally fallen in serious-scented-love. (Keep in mind that I have had the chance to sample every single scent they sell because they have this really tricky system of getting you to buy more than you intended to with 3/$10 and "buy 4 get 1 free" and a myriad of other potions that I fall for every . . . single . . . dang . . . time.)

So, in case you are interested, that scent is Dancing Waters. It's fresh and oceany -- with none of the seaweed. It's new so it only comes in Body Lotion and Body Splash and Eau De Toilette (ooh la la), but I will patiently await the hand soaps and body butters and room-plug-in-thingies. Problem is that sometimes they discontinue scents that aren't selling as well, so I am counting on you, my loyal readers (and mostly relatives) to buy some Dancing Waters so they don't discontinue it.

But, before you leave, what are your favorite B&BW scents? If you are not yet under their spell, what are some of your other favorite scents? I am very fond of garlic . . . and chocolate . . . but not together and not on my person.

Hmmmm . . . chocolate. Gotta go.

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Angy said...

I'm not gonna lie... I'm addicted to far too many flavors!

Mango Mandarin
Cucumber Melon
Sweet Pea
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Sun-Ripened Raspberry
...and the list continues.

Not that I'd want to smell like them all day long... but I do love the shower gels or hand soaps! There's just too many yummy smells out there! :)

sara said...

Okay, I touched on this very subject today in my post ... and I wasn't copying you! Just this morning I discovered Sea Island Cotton, one of the new scents. So fresh and clean-smelling. You know they have their handsoaps on sale right now?? I bought me truckload, to last until next year's sale. I like Cucumber Melon for soap & I love Coconut Lime Verbena for bubble bath & I also like Brown Sugar & Fig for Eau De Toilette because it smells like cologne!

pam said...

I will bathe in a mildly food flavored scent (Cucumber Melon) but absolutely must draw the line on applying a fruit after the bath. No offense to my lovely first born, but if you put on Brown Sugar and Fig then go out in the heat...why, you feel like a fruit cobbler of some sort.

I use Design or Pleasures lotion for my after bath scent.

But you can't beat the aroma of sauteing onions and green chiles in butter!!

Mrs. Dub said...

totally headed to b&bw to smell it, and it reminded me of you. but those marketing suckers got me with their soap sale so i've yet to dance with waters.

my favorite thing there is their orange blossom honey soap. succulent. orange blossom is actually a favorite scent. also limes. i used to dream of naturally smelling like a lime.

oh well.

steph said...

i like the cherry blossom one, and they have the new pomegranate... yum!

Renee said...

I see a b&bw trip in my future . . . until then my favorites are Cotton Blossom, Orange Ginger and Brown Sugar & Fig! I promise to add at least one Dancing Waters to my "buy 4 get 1 free" or "3/$10" whichever the case may be . . . did I say case?

P Daddy said...

I wouldn't be caught dead in a b&bw (except maybe on a secret gift run...Dancing Waters has got to be less pricey than Issey Miyake)...besides, my mere presence would destroy the aromatic balance of the store...but if that sale includes the pink grapefruit deep cleansing hand soap, I hope one of you picks me up a few bottles...I love that stuff, even if it is pink and fruity...except it makes me want to drink it.