true confessions one and two

So . . . Mary . . . what projects have you actually been working on, you know, . . . as we speak?

Why thanks for asking. I spent most of last week (when I wasn't figuring out how to post, checking my blog, reading other people's blogs and just "blinking" my brains out in general) working on these two little numbers.

They are actually samples to be displayed at this store and will be taught by me in October at that same store in Grandma's R Us Club. They are a pattern from a book called Winsome Baby by Nancy Halvorsen at Art To Heart. Other than using my own fabrics from my own Store (see disertation on The Stash) I followed the instructions to the letter (the letters "e" and "T" specifically). Which brings us to True Confession #1:

I have a really, really, hard time just following someone else's design and not veering off into La La Land when the slightest whim catches my eye. I have never understood how people can enjoy making something straight from a pattern. Except that . . . I really, really enjoyed making these. And frankly, that scared me just a little. (That would be True Confession #1A.)

So TC #2 would be this: I sew really, really slow. Seriously, it took me way longer than it should have to make these, especially considering the fact that I wasn't having to make creative decisions along the way. What is the deal? Could it be because I have never been one to put the "pedal to the metal" in my car or on my Bernina? Could it be because I stop all too frequently to admire my work? ("Now that is one mighty fine seam.") Or could it be because I only sew for 2 to 3 hours at a time?

Let's face it I have got to speed things up, if I don't want The Stash entirely willed to my children. In the meantime I need your help with two questions:

Q#1: Any tips on the speed issue? (My children would be grateful if you could also apply those tips to my driving.)
Q#2: Do you think Miss Dub and L'il Gee will like their new toys?


steph said...

love the blocks! e & t will definitely love them too! as for the speed, i typically leave things out at night, and the elves complete the job before i wake up... it's been a nice system.

Mrs. Dub said...

Q#1 - No clue, since my sewing problem is that I press the foot like a gas pedal, which results in very fast, very poor results. However, when it comes to driving, I would suggest that you not remove your foot from the gas pedal when conversation occurs.

Q#2 - (Pause while I ask Miss Dub.) The answer is "Da-duck-wa-bo!" which I believe means, "YES!"

Ginny said...

Q1: I think you've already identified the two biggest speed-eaters. Not stopping and repeatedly admiring work halfway through requires a lot of willpower, as does forcing oneself to keep sewing after all the "fun" tasks are over. Fun tasks are anything that is done for the first time--like the first full block in a quilt. The rest is all monotonous, but you have to do it anyway.

Q2# I think they will like them so much they will slobber all over them and so it's a good thing you took these pics while the blocks were still shiny and new.

Leslie said...

those are positively precious. love them, and i don't think you should speed up at all. if you're getting results that you love and can admire doing it slowly, then i say, keep it slow. KIS. :)

Tammy said...

Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by my little blog! Glad to have found you, too...will stop by often...cheers...tammy

Amy G. said...

How lucky T & E are to have such a talented and generous Grandma! We can't wait to see the finished product in person this weekend!

sara said...

Those are adorable! What a fun idea to have a Grandma's club at the store. Mrs. Dub, I could've sworn that "NO!" meant "YES!" ?? My but she's multilingual isn't she?

What are on the other 3 sides of the blocks?