That's how it is.

So . . . this picture has has hung in our bedroom for twenty years or so . . . ever since I babysat for a very dear friend, Cheri W., so she could go to Girl's Camp.  She asked me for a favorite quote to paint into a picture, and I immediately knew it would come from A. A. Milne.  You see, it was a book of his that was my first gift from PDaddy when we were dating and we decided from that day forward to live by the above motto.

Thirty-three years ago today we made it official.

Four children, two grandchildren, umpteen moves and millions upon millions of smiles later, we have decided that the sticking together part really, really works for us and we will continue on that same path.

Thank you PDaddy for . . . sticking with me.  Covering myself in super-glue was the wise move I imagined it would be, 33 years ago today.

(Yes, we look like babies . . . no, we don't look quite the same today.  Yes, those are some mighty-fine lapels on PDaddy . . . no, I wasn't wearing any makeup -- it was the 70's.  Yes, the picture is a little fuzzy . . . no, I don't currently own a scanner and am resorting to taking pictures of pictures.)


Angy said...

Awww! Happy Anniversary!

ps~ I see quite the resemblence between PDaddy and Sonny Boy in this picture!!

ginny said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Leslie said...

what a wonderful day! congratulations!

and i think that picture's funny because it looks like paul and ginny getting married. :)

Stephanie said...

ha! leslie is so right! congratulations!

P Daddy said...

The book was cute, but I got the better gift...I got Pooh...and it's been much fun ever since.

Mrs. Dub said...

gross, ginny! you can't marry paul.

as for the actual couple, i'm sure glad you found each other. i like being yours.

Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the picture. And maybe you don't look quite the same today, but pretty darn close.

Amy G. said...

Happy Anniversary! I have always loved that quote, and let's face it, I have always loved Cheri W. too!

You made a lovely couple then, as you do NOW!