It's a mystery to me . . .

Editor's Note:  I cannot apologize enough for the very unfortunate placement of my charming pitcher of flowers in the above picture.  The title of the book would be "Password to Larkspur Lane".  It is not the belief of this author or any of her family members or even passing acquaintences that this misplacement was done on purpose.  Please read on as if nothing had been amiss.  I will go and flog myself.

So, the other evening Sonny Boy and the Mrs. took me to a movie.  It was actually a belated birthday gift from the Mrs. that involves a long and somewhat ugly story where the newspaper printed lies (lies, I tell you) about what movies were where on the day -- much closer to my birthday -- that we tried to see the movie.

But once again . . . I digress.

You probably don't need a clue to let you know which movie we saw (at the Dollar Theatre) but suffice it to say that it was a walk down memory lane (aka "Larkspur Lane") and was an absolute treat despite the fact that my feet stuck to the floor of said theatre.

When my girls were little I bought the whole set of N.D. books at a yardsale and sometime years later got rid of all of them but a few.  The minute I got home from the movie, I opened up the aforementioned book and settled in for the night, missing only some of  . . . the Drew family housekeeper's . . . delicious hot baked cookies.  Which brings me to the point of my post.  (Woohoo, there is one!)

In the spirit of mysteries, secrets and clues, I am offering a quiz to test your knowledge of the titian-haired girl and her cohorts.  If there is a clear winner, I will offer a prize of one of my precious remaining books.  So, strap on your magnifying glass, it's going to be a haunting ride:

*1 What is the full name of the Drew family housekeeper? 
*2 What is the full name of Nancy's father?
*3 What word does Nancy use to describe her hobby/profession?
*4 What are the names of her two close friends?
4a:  Bonus points for last names.
4b:  Bonus point if you can tell me which one was "plump".
*5 What was the full name of Nancy's beau?
*6 What term did she use to refer to her car?
*7 Who was the author of the books?
7a: Bonus points if you can explain why this is a trick question.
*8 What kinds of shoes did Nancy wear?
*9 One of the books in the series was not a mystery.  What was it?

Hope you have as much fun with this as I did.  Oh, and by the way, Sonny Boy wants it to remain a secret that he ever went near that movie theatre with us.


steph said...

interesting book title. i think that maybe the leaf is in the way?

Leslie said...

oh man. i wish i had read more nancy drew! i love a good vintage book. dang.

Mrs. Dub said...

i'll be honest - i read all those books as child, but all i remember is that one involved a mystery hidden in a persian rug.

however, i'm not above google-ing to claim a price. (oh, and i did know a few answers on my own - those marked with an asterick.)

1. Hannah
*2. Carson Drew
*3. "sleuthing"
*4. Bess and George
4a. Ummm ... You and Bush?
4b. Bess?
*5. Ned Nickerson
*6. roadster
*7. Carolyn Keene
*7a. It's a pseudonym
8. loafers?
9. On Her Own - second book

P Daddy said...

It is well known around here that I forewent not one but two opportunities to see Nancy Drew, would not watch the old television series, and am not even convinced that Hardy Boys is not threatening to one's masculinity (even if the original Nancy Drew was a pretty smart and liberated teenager), so I am definitely not going to admit I spent longer than the movie runs looking up all the answers to the trivia quiz (should have said high heels Laura) and definitely not going to list the answers.

hilari said...

i don't know any of the answers, but i now know that i should go to the dollar movies.

Renee said...

If only my memory was in tact - they were my very favorite books growing up, but alas I could only answer two without internet help. Will be checking the paper to see where I can drag the Mr. (disguised of course) to see it!

ginny said...

I'm too late for the quiz. But nice pic. I, too, read all the books (hand-me-downs from the Youngs, I believe) when I was little, but remember the cover art more than anything else. And the fact that she drove a "roadster."