I promise it won't happen again!

So ... a really weird and ... totally uncharacteristic thing happened to me tonight. I'm not sure I can talk about it, but in the interest of self therapy, here goes:

I hesitated ... for about a half an hour ... when I had the chance to go whole-hog with the Christmas decorating. All the boxes were out of the attic (thank you PDaddy), I had the time, I had ideas as to how I was going to mix it up this year, but still ... I hesitated. I laid on the couch for about a half an hour to muster up the incentive.

What is with that?!?

Of course, once I got going, I ran back and forth between rooms lugging Santas and mini-trees and ribbon. The tree-tree will wait until this weekend, but I pretty much finished everything else. (That is until tomorrow when I will tweak to my heart's content.)

Please ... someone out there in blog-land tell me that they too have hesitated to do something that they love. Please contribute to my request for free therapy.

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Mrs. Dub said...

It's not that you don't still love holiday decorating, it's just that you know what an effort it is - so you needed some time to catch your breathe and garner up the energy.

Basically, you're lazy, but so am I --
I take at least an hour to delve into anything I need to do, even the stuff I love.

Angy said...

if it would help, i can come over and cheer you on :) and then enjoy it with you! :)

P Daddy said...

I sometimes hestitate to criticize those I love (which those I love know is something I love), but it's almost always momentary. But I've never seen you hestitate on anything where decorating is concerned, I think we better go to the ER.

steph said...

no worries. i'm just a slacker with everything... so way to pick yourself up and get it done anyway!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I don't think your'e lazy, I know that feeling of dread/mixed with anticipation of putting something together, particularly decorating. You have a vision, you want it to work, but ol' brother fear comes along to tell you you just might not be able to do it. Happens to me every time, from painting a still life or portrait to the drive to a new class (I'm always tempted to pull over and quit before it starts) and even decorating for a holiday. I always remind myself, that it is the process that is the most fun, and NOTHING turns out completely like I invisioned. I am usually happy with the outcome or I learned a lot in the trying. I have to commend you for your "keep trying" attitude and willingness to go the extra mile in all you do. That's why we all love you so much...