And So It ... Begins

So ... yesterday afternoon as I was anticipating a flurry of the li'l tricksters at my door, it began to dawn on me that with Halloween almost over, I could ... yes, I really could ... put my heart and soul into Christmas. (Now, don't get me wrong, I have not forgotten Thanksgiving ... I love it dearly ... but I need more than 4 weeks to squeeze all the scrumptious goodness out of Christmas.) I went upstairs and found last years magazines (combined with the new, new Victoria that I received just before our trip) and set them aside on the couch to peruse in between jumps up and down for the little ones (and the too-old-to-be-trick-or-treating teenagers and the parents with 3 month old babies whom I suspect will be dipping into their candy ... but I digress ...)

Then I went to get the mail.

To my absolute delight (and a little bit of shock, I cannot lie) I found among my various pieces of junk mail ... two new Christmas editions. Two pristine, never-before-opened, magical books of joy. (If you are a magazine-aholic as I am, you know exactly what I am talking about.) I put them on the top of the pile and spent a most delicious evening inhaling their goodness. I had more time than I thought I would, because trick-or-treaters were a little scant this year at our house. What was with that?

Oh ... one last peek at Halloween. Here's a pic of li'l Gee with his trusty sidekick, Asher. I have an incredible picture of Asher proudly showing off his super-statis, but I'm saving it for the perfect blog-op in the future. I do not have a picture of Miss Dub because her mother forgot to take her camera to the party. In time I will forgive her. In the meantime, enjoy the grin and please answer the following questions:

Are you ready to think about Christmas?
Do you feel the same way about a new magazine or is it just me?

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Leslie said...

i do love magazines, but unfortunately, at this point in my life, they go directly to my coffee table until i have a minute late at night when all is quiet and the dishes are finally done.
then i look at them.

Angy said...

sorry to say, but i'm not a magazine reader with you :P i think i'd prefer to read a book... which is actually shocking to have actually just said that lol.

and i am in no way ready to think about christmas yet! where did this year go? didn't christmas just pass?! the older i get, the faster the years seem to disappear!! make it stop! lol

as far as that smile on lil gee, priceless! he's quite the little model! and mrs. dub finally added pics of the napoleon dynamite clan, thankfully! everyone turned out super cute!!! :)

Mrs. Dub said...

i feel the same way about magazines - perhaps it's genetic? - but my mags tend to have celebrities on the cover, which is much less inspiring.

Cathy Louise said...

Hi Mary
I definitely feel the same about Christmas magazines but being on the other side of the world I have to be really patient.... Thank you so much for dropping by my blog... Can't wait to receive my copy of Romantic Homes.... It will be extremely exciting...
Take care
Cathy from Aus...

steph said...

i do love me some christmas but not nearly as much as thanksgiving... paul and i will certainly jimmy some t-giving dinner in spain. just you wait and see.

P Daddy said...

I agree, I love Sports Illustrated and waiting for that swimsuit issue is just the height of the season.