Once there was a snowman ...

So ... the decorating begins with the stuff that isn't in the attic, because ... well ... that's just harder to get to. So I started with the stuff in the top of the closet in my sewing room ... meaning ... quilts of course. This little number above is indeed little ... maybe 18" square. I like to make small quilts ... I like to hang small quilts.

These two pics come from the same quilt ... a block exchange done oh-so-many years ago. The above square came from the late Laurene Sinema (the grande dame of quilting in Arizona) and I have always loved it. Those below are from the same quilt.

So this is my answer to snow shoveling, but at this time of year, I swear I would do the real thing if called upon. Which brings us to the questions of the day:

If you live where there is snow, are ya glad??
If you don't ... how do you conjure it up for Christmas?
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Mrs. Dub said...

i feel crazy saying this, but snow can actually be quite beautiful and peaceful this time of year. however, if you plan to ever leave the comfort of your home, it's a royal pain. (and i think you know where.)

if snow could stay in the sky or in the mountains, i would support it. but keep it off the streets, people!

steph said...

i think snow is absolutely beautiful... but i'm a big baby when it comes to cold weather (tho i did quite well in switzerland)... i'm sure that i'd appreciate living in a place with 4 real seasons, tho.

P Daddy said...

"harder to get to": a barely polite euphemism for I can't get my long-armed but short-on-energy husband to help get the stuff out of the attic.

Snow: nice to visit and walk in and crunch after a new snowfall, but very bad to drive in, scrape, shovel, watch dirty and melt, or live in. Never craved it growing up without it and haven't missed the 2 years in New England, 5 in Utah, or 4 in Maryland where we had it. I miss all those places, but not the snow.

Angy said...

i LOVE the idea of snow! or seeing it on TV or in pictures! i can even deal with it if i'm on a mini vacation. but i totally could not deal with everyday. or have to shovel snow. bring me az summers any day over snow! lol