Mom ... and quite possibly Apple Pie

So ... I have already introduced you to my obsession with blue and white plates. I hang them everywhere and ... odd as it may seem ... we eat off of them too. But all of my plates are not blue and white.

Take the plates pictured above. I inherited 4 place settings from my mom after she and my dad had both passed away. Just as my mom had kept them in a cupboard ... high in a cupboard ... I put them neatly into my china cabinet and have never used them. (I have just a couple of memories of using the set as a child and ... pretty much feeling like a princess as a result.) Because my childhood family had seven in it and mine had six ... and keeps growing, there never seemed to be a good opportunity to set the table with them.

Then, a couple of years ago, my sister was visiting and we were perusing antique stores as usual. She came across this stack of 10 desert plates and I bought them on the spot.

Then I forgot about those also.

So ... the purpose of this post is to remind myself (and to tell Mrs. Gee to remind me because my mind is a sieve) to use them this Thanksgiving to put our pie on. It will feel regal, I'm sure. They are Franciscan China in the "Fremont" pattern. Does anyone else have memories of them ... I would love to hear. Would you also remind me to use them at Thanksgiving?

Because my mind is a sieve, I tell you, a sieve.
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Angy said...

i don't recall ever using it. but my dad just found some that he thinks were a "gold mine", as he put it! and he HAD to give them to me! but if daddy is all excited about it, i can't turn him down hehe.

when are you supposed to use it? i never did understand the point of it? lol

Mrs. Dub said...

nice use of sieve. i can never pronounce it quite right so i usually avoid saying it.

but it's true - your mind is a sieve, because i had no idea about the existence of any of these things.

have some in pie in our honor while we're turkey-ing it up in RI.

Amy G. said...

Mom--remember to use your pretty china dessert plates at Thanksgiving!

steph said...

oooooooh. send me some pie on a plate. punkin', please... with lots o' whipped cream.


Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Why is it we all save our special stuff for "special" times and people when our really "special" people are our family! Thanks for the reminder! Did your hear that Kelli is pregnant!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo happy!!!!!!!

P Daddy said...

Eating on china scares me...I did not grow up around fancy stuff...I'm a real Melmac and Tupperware sort of person...but I'm all about the pie!!!