Bird Tales

So ... the transitioning begins. Orange to Red. Dressing to Wrapping. Food Overload to Decoration Overload. Our T-Day was lovely, centered of course around the antics and grins of L'il Gee. The jello jelled, the gravy graved, but the turkey was indeed a ... turkey. It was moist, it was evenly browned and it tasted like ... nothing. I mean, no flavor, seriously ... except maybe a little weird aftertaste. There was a unanimous decision not to save any for leftovers which was kind of disappointing. Except that this fabulous friend, as if like a magical fairy godmother, shows up at our house that night with a fresh-from-the-smoker smoked turkey.

Thank you my Fabulous Friend (and Mr. Fabulous.)

Here are just some of the other ornaments. I ultimately ended up being very happy with them. Now it's time to move onto the serious business of decorating. Which I love. With a passion.

Oh ... fa la la la la ... la la la ...


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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Love the white tree, and love the ornaments! LOVE the simplehappy home family!

Angy said...

boo for no good turkey! :( yay for awesome, amazing friends!! something to definitely give thanks for!! :)

LOVE the ornaments! and the cute lil trees!

P Daddy said...

The Turkey was yuck, but the Fab family was, well, fabulous as ever and we enjoyed not only the smoked turkey but two racks of ribs. Let's admit it, if the Native Americans had given the New
Americans the choice of ribs or turkey which do you think they would have taken?

If little Gee has his way, Gramma may have to remake the Grampa ornament to read "Papa" as that seems to be the preferred designation, possibly because of the close approximation to a less flattering word with two identical syllables starting with "p"--which brings to mind my long standing question, why in the world would you call a selection of appetizers by the latter word. Oh well, 'tis the season, falalalala lalalala (and why do Christmas carols seem to use Samoan phrases?).

hilari said...

love the cute ornaments. love lil' gee as master chef.

steph said...

ornaments look great, but did anyone actually doubt your talents?