Badda ... Bing

So ... with all due respect to Mrs. Dub and her complete domination over Hot Topic Tuesday, I dare to be so bold as to declare my topic (on this Friday in November) to perhaps be the hottest of them all. I actually have the guts to offer forth the following question:

How early is too early to start listening to Christmas music?

You must understand ... I love, love, love Christmas music. And I especially love Bing. But I am well aware that this delicate relationship relies somewhat on the balance of time. How many times can one hear Christmas in Killarney or Mele Kalikimaka before one becomes a little ... ki-loco? Is is possible that over the passage of too much time, one does not even venture a giggle about getting a Hippopotomus for Christmas?

While sewing the other day, I was sorely tempted to throw Bing into the CD player, but I resisted. "After Thanksgiving", I told myself. "Thanksgiving is very early this year ... it will be the easiest year of them all to resist." "You can do it", I whispered to no one in particular. And I stood my ground.

That is until this morning when I discovered that my favorite "all-Christmas-music-all-the-time" had started ... TODAY! What the hay?! I tried to resist and change the channel but it was like asking Violet not to chew the Blueberry Gum. How can they do this to me? By Christmas will I even care if "Grandma got run over by a reindeer?" I came home and went straight to the Kingdom where red and green fabrics were strewn about like so much confetti. And I had to admit it.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So ... what is your vote? And what songs are you just dyin' to hear?
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steph said...

i'm a big fan of never listening to christmas music, so that's my vote... but since that's not really an option in my mom's household nor in my m-i-l's household, i say that it should be saved for christmas eve and the big day itself.

Leslie said...

last year, we somehow ended up with a cd with that darned alvin & the chipmunks christmas song. which we listened to EVERY single time my kids were in the car, which was every single time I was in the car. it started them on a chipmunks binge that didn't end until august. i'm hoping that particular Christmas cd somehow magically finds its way LOST in a few weeks.

so that's my answer. in a few weeks. although, i have been practicing Christmas piano pieces for a few weeks. cuz i really need to practice before i have to play in church!

Mrs. Dub said...

we've already started listening to the 24/Sev holiday station around here. in a way it's blasphemy, but it sort of validates the cold weather. if i could listen to christmas tunes in may without vomiting, it might make our cold spring weather bearable.

as for tunes i like, i love me some "do they know it's christmas" and similar "new" christmas tunes by modern artists. also, the avon sampler.

Angy said...

i mimic EVERY single word steph just said :)

P Daddy said...

I like the Christmas Season, but can get burned out. I like the adrenalin rush of last minute shopping and hustle and bustle and the later you wait in Phoenix, the greater likelihood the weather might be under 90 and at least feel cool in the evening for a fire. I say December 10 through Christmas Day would be nice. No shopping, decorations, etc. before then and then everything down and over and all returns made by New Years.

But I live with the author, so I know my wish ain't comin' true this year or any year. I just stay out of her car and any room with a music playing device.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I have to admit that I was excited to hear yesterday on the radio that the Christmas music was starting today. As many of you know, I love hip hop and a lot of other bootty swingin music and it seems that when you listen to the words, almost evey song is naughty! I can freely listen to Christmas music becuz it is always ok. and I'm about as mushy as they come so I LOVE THE BING!!!!!

P Daddy said...

glamma fab--maybe they'll come out with a Hip Hop Christmas album and then you can have your bling with your Bing and your Ho Hos without no hos.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

PDaddy is da Bomb!!!!!