Last Chance !

So ... my bargain hunting weekend knew no bounds. And yes, I am well aware of the fact that as the "bargains" add up, they lose something in the definition. But ... hey ... individually there is no doubt as to their bargain-ness.

If you are lucky enough to live in the Valley of the Sun (aka Phoenix and surrounds) you are probably aware of the bargain-basement mecca known as Last Chance. If you live somewhere else and have vaguely heard of Nordstroms ... then you may also be aware of Nordstrom's Rack. (It's where anything not sold at Nordstroms or returned to Nordstroms, goes to die.)

Or so you thought.

There is one last rung on the descending ladder of Nordstrom's Stuff. One Last Chance. One more place for merchandise to be thrown about by crazed shoppers, making it pretty much unsuitable for purchasing. Unless of course you are patient enough to search for the hidden gem, uncover the seeminly ugly duckling --that is in reality, a rare beauty. (Preparing oneself for this venture involves much deep breathing and a few calisthenics.)

In the past, Last Chance only carried clothing (shoes were always the first place to forage through.) But lately they have carried some household items as well. On Saturday I did my exercises and gathered my strength ... and was richly rewarded. I uncovered these pillow shams (with tags that said "Bloomingdale's Home" -- go figure) for less than 5 bucks a piece. Are they not so charming?

I also uncovered a swell pair of Cole Haans. But that's another post.

What's your best Last Chance find? If you don't live here ... how much do you wish you did?
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Angy said...

super cute! i don't normally have the patience to go to last chance. but my mom went a while back and paid like $20 for an entire bedspread/sheet/pillow set! granted it's not necessarily the cutest but it was just to fit the bed that's in our trailer out in mexico. it was perfect! last chance is totally the place to go when you've got a craving to rummage through their stuff to find the goods :)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Two Women,Two Mothers,One Mind.... I bow down and worship at the feet of another bargain shopper.

Mrs. Dub said...

there's nothing akin to last chance out here. but i must say that those shams are the bomb, as kids used to say five years ago. apparently, new slang is also not available out here.

steph said...

i'm with mrs. dub. shams are bomb-tastic... btw: my mom still says "it's the bomb."

and as for last chance, i totally can't take it. i love thrift stores, but last chance typically seems more ghetto. everyone else finds cute stuff... i just don't have la paciencia.

P Daddy said...

Someday soon I will have to drag myself upstairs and see the shams in person...meanwhile, I agree with Steph...the only thing I have ever found at Last Chance is dim lighting, wierd people, no shoes in size 13 that were worn for less than 3 yrs before being returned, the smell of mothballs, and deep personal concern over resulting hay fever and staph infections...of course, by contrast, just walking into Nordstrom's make me feel second-hand, second-class, and make sure my wallet is deeply in my pocket...I am so much more a Target, Sears and Penney's kind of guy (okay, and maybe Dillard's on sale).

hilari said...

i have mixed emotions about last chance. sometimes i love, sometimes i hate. last time i did get a bunch of cute earings for 99 cents a pair. last time i was there i had a revelation, it is the perfect place to shop for costumes!

Kate said...

I'm totally coming in late to this discussion, but my best LC find was a pair of brand new (well, maybe returned or something) doc martens in size 15 for my husband (well, he wasn't even my husband yet at the time) for like $10. It's hard enough finding shoes for him full-price, and I found some at Last Chance. I was so proud of myself.