Calling All Four-Eyes !!

So ... I need your help here people. From those who know me personally, and from those who don't. Listen up while I explain, and then give me some advice.

I have worn glasses for many years now. Except that I haven't. Except that I have.

Basically, I have worn them to drive, to watch movies and ballgames and in church. I have a number of cheapo reading pairs scattered around the house that I use for small print and hand sewing. I have never just worn them throughout the day, which is just a darn shame because I think I am missing out on a lot of ... crisp and clear ... life ... as a result. My distance vision has gotten progessively worse and the near stuff could be better. I have had "progressive" lenses for the last couple of times and I have managed to adapt to those. That is not the problem.

I picked up all three of these glasses yesterday. (It was "Buy 1, get 2 free ... which is just ... weird.) I was determined that this time I would just become a "wearer of glasses" and wear them all the time. But ... they drive me nuts! I am constantly aware of this ... thing ... on my nose. I first picked out Glasses #2 because they are so light weight I thought that would help. Problem is that they are so lightweight they slip down my nose. I wasn't even expecting to get a second pair of regular glasses, but I picked the Glasses #1 which aren't as light, but dont slip. (I adore the sunglasses ... no problem there.) So answer me this:

Is it possible to go through the day and not be aware you are wearing glasses?
If so, in how much time (in hours and minutes) will it take to adjust?
I really don't need them for computer distance. Must I take them off and on?
Which of the top two do you like best?

No pressure, but my sanity (and that of PDaddy, I am sure) depends on your answers.
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Angy said...
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Angy said...

well, im gonna be honest and say that i have absolutely no idea since i don't wear glasses :P but they're all super cute! but it did take me a while to get used to sunglasses. i hate that feeling of knowing something is sitting on your face lol. good luck with this endeavor! but at least you'll be able to see better :)

steph said...

i like the top ones... and NO, you can't go through the day without noticing them. i hate wearing glasses even tho they can be super cool accessory. basically, i like to see too much not to correct my vision.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I like #1 & #2 equally, and LOVE the sunglasses! I think you still need a really fancy pair for going out, like a real funky shape since you probably won't do crystals...

Mary said...

In the way of an update: I took pair #2 to have the nose pads tightened when lo and behold they curved (the previously straight) stems to wind around my ears. Ya think?! Why they didn't do that before I know not, but they are 100times better, so I won't complain.

I could think about crystals.

Kate said...

I haven't had to wear glasses for over ten years now... but you all know I wore them from age 3-19. I don't remember it being a big deal, but I had ALWAYS worn them. Then a few years ago I decided to get some reading glasses, and it felt SO strange to have something on my nose. I'm not really sure what my point is, except that maybe if you wear them all day for years and years, you don't notice. Otherwise, you notice. I'm just really fortunate that my vision & eye issues got better as I got older, and I got to quit wearing glasses all together. Man, I'm rambling.
ps. I love all three, but especially #1.