So ... today I took a little side trip to one of my favorite bargain hunting arenas -- a series of thrift/antique/secondhand stores. I have to be in the mood for such a foray and I usually have some sort of goal in mind.

Today's goal: RED

I came upon this little number and was instantly smitten. It had the red thing going for it, it was sweetly vintage and -- although I didn't immediately know what its function would be -- it had the possibility to be a storage receptacle of some kind.

But not for bread. Definitely not for bread. Because even though it is ... a breadbox ... (which I figured out because it was neither bigger than nor smaller than one) I knew my family would be creeped out by the thought of placing our bread where someone else's bread had been.

Many, many years ago when I first discovered such stores, I bought a small needlepoint pillow and had the audacity to place it on the couch. The children were horrified. (PDaddy pretty much never noticed it.) They wondered how we could possibly touch something when we didn't know who had owned it. After all ... maybe some mass murderer had owned it? And for many years after that it was known as the "murderer's pillow". True story.

So I am going to use my special red box as a fireplace receptacle to hold matches and candles etc. (It's pretty hard to open and that will be a safety feature for the l'il ones.) I am hoping the children will approve. Because ... seriously ... how many murderers are into sweet red and white breadboxes?

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Mrs. Dub said...

please - you're talking to someone who spent much of her youth in dresses some old arizonan was thisclose to wearing to her funeral.

i think the breadbox looks great right where it is. maybe you could use it as a bun warmer?

steph said...

this girl loves things just because they're vintage, so you get my approval... but i don't want to use a pillow when a murderer could've used it to clean up a murder scene.

hilari said...

you are exactly right. murderer's only like blue or green bread boxes. they never go for the red and white ones. i would also love to warm up my buns on it.

P Daddy said...

Even before you brought up mass murders and the case of the amnesiac pillow (I do remember it and I gave it a wide berth), I was going to say I wouldn't be so concerned someone else's bread had been in there, I watch CSI and I'd be concerned someone else's head had been in there. And I don't buy Hilari's theory--I think serial killers are all about red--let me just say one thing about that red pattern--"splatter".

Well, I hope you or one of your fire-phobic children will be willing to light the fireplace or candles, because personally I am not going near that headbox...I mean breadbox.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

love,love,love the breadbox. I purshaced a similar one years ago, placed it in the kitchen and put a loaf of bread in it. The bread got really moist and moldy, I don't think AZ is good for bread boxes. I now keep my bread in the fridg. I use my cute vintage bread box to keep small recipe books in. (the girls use them) WE need to make a date sometime soon and go shopping in wierd little places!!!!!