Happy Boo-Day to You!!

So ... every Halloween I do the same lame thing for my children who ... I may have previously mentioned ... do not live close to me. I send them an email with a secret riddle (oh yes ... the same secret riddle year after year after year) and tempt them to answer it. I offer a prize to the first one, and that prize is usually my leftover candy which no one is particularly jumping up and down to receive, so ... it saves me alot of postage. (Also ... why bother to mail it when most of it is still here when they come at Thanksgiving or Christmas.)

This year I am hoping to lure them with my blog instead of an email. I am hoping they will be so excited to answer it that they will arrive on my doorstep (in costume of course) and tell me the answer in person while I dole out candy into their Halloween bucket and/or pillow case ... once again saving me postage.

So ... the infamous riddle is this:

What did the butcher say when he handed the customer the empty frankfurter?

For the rest of you out there in bloggo-land, feel free to answer also. If you are not going to come to my doorstep to retrieve your prize, the least you can do is tell me what your costume would be, so I can anticipate your arrival ... in my head. (As I have previously explained, there are alot of conversations going on in there that do not neccessarily involve other human beings.)That costume instruction goes double for you ... offspring. Just throw me a bone, here.

Happy Halloween to One and All! Now, please excuse me while I open the big bag of candy from Costco and test it out for you ... it's really the right thing to do.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I don't know the answer as all the creative cells went to my hands and there are very little creative cells in my ol' brain....
but, I'll probably wear my Halloween t-shirt because I can not hold, carouse, and keep track of the grandkids in it. I am glad you made it safely home. I know Mrs. Dub and Miss Dub were sorry to see you leave.Happy Halloween Ghoulfriend!!!!

steph said...

happy hollow-weenie!!!
paul told me this just yesterday... and he also told me how he hears it EVERY year!

steph said...

oh, and you are more than welcome to send me the leftover candy.


sara said...

Funny! I've never heard that one before. But I think it's a great tradition :)

Angy said...

do we get to know the answer?!? i even tried googling it but of course the answer wasn't there :P

Angy said...

do we get to know the answer?!? i even tried googling it but of course the answer wasn't there :P

Amy G. said...

Steph beat me to the punch: Happy Hollow-Weenie!

Mr G. and I are going as ourselves this year (as you know how super-opposed he is to even the thought of dressing up), and our Lil' G is going as a bear...ROAR!

Mrs. Dub said...

Happy Hollow-Weenie!

Though can I have it on record that I hate the word wiener ... I'm talking hot dogs, people!

As you know, we went as a Napoleon Dynamite crew with Miss Dub as Pedro.

P Daddy said...

Mrs. Dub is right. This family riddle was so much more enjoyable in the simple times when the kids were young--without the immediate double entendre of today's world of pervasive ED medication commercials and their delightful warnings.

Mom and I stayed at home as ourselves--very scary!!