This takes the Cake

So ... someone had a birthday.

His second birthday.

Someone gave us the excuse to come over and enjoy the California sun.

But let's be perfectly honest ... we would have gone anywhere to be with this birthday boy. And let's be honest once again ... I would have gone any~where to have a piece of that coconut cake.

Happy Birthday L'il Gee.

Thanks for having a birthday.

No thanks for growing so fast.

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steph said...

love that little guy! looks like he had a fabulous birthday!

Mrs. Dub said...

we meant to call yesterday after your church, but got sidetracked by time differences and bedtime.

but E is very much aware that Papa and Nanny went to see T for his birthday, and there is just a bit of jealousy. OK, so she unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper in her angst. teenagers!

P Daddy said...

Like the cake, L'il Gee is so sweet it makes your tummy hurt. But unlike the cake, he will be very mad at being called sweet within another few months.

Angy said...

Happy happy birthday lil gee!! we miss you!