Two, two, two blocks at once

So ... I finally finished both my February and my March blocks last week. You know, the ones from Bunny Hill, Land O'Precious (not to mention Land of the Free [patterns]). I did them in assembly line fashion and had a rip-roaring time. Now I have got to figure out how to do the whole Flickr thing, because she is posting them there.

And since I already wished you a Happy Valentines, and since I probably won't post again tomorrow, let's just call this second block my official Happy St. Patrick's Day wish for you. Around here that has always translated to Happy Birthday Mrs. Gee.*

So make sure to wear green tomorrow, so you don't get pinched. (Does anyone remember that from elementary school in the 60's?)

* On that beautiful St. Paddy's Day ... some years ago ... as I sweated, panted, and pushed ... my nurse was a darling, skinny little redhead that had a huge button on her uniform that said Kiss Me I'm Irish!. Which I resented mightily, I might add.
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Sherri said...

Both of your blocks are beautiful! I love seeing everyone's color combinations!

Simply This and That said...

The look awesome! I have got to get moving on those. ooxx`jodi

Renee said...

Both your blocks are wonderful . . . gives me inspiration to get busy stitching! Love your bird quilt too - very impressive! I also have a thing for birds . . . so impressive that you waited almost a whole year to make those bird stamps your own. You can re-ink the stamp pad with any water based ink & it will work just like new - just like it was before the store put that set aside for you a year ago! LOL
xoxx, Renée

oh and my cutting table was cleaned up to cut four big background blocks and now is back to the same sad shape as the blog photo so feel free to claim my mess as yours!

Angy said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Gee!!!

Love both of your blocks Mrs. Ess! :)

P Daddy said...

Belated happy birthday to Mrs. Gee (I did provide timely telephone celebration) and lovely blocks. I must not have been watching when all this recent work product was being whipped up.