Pilot's License

So ... remember this little number that I made as the first project for Patchwork Pilot Club? Well ... yesterday was the second meeting and the first chance for some show and tell from my little flock. Here's a sampling of their work:

Sharon followed Renee's pattern right down to the fun embellishments on the hearts. I love how she used decorative stitches for the applique.

Margot brought her friend Carol to support her as a first time quilter. They picked out their fabrics together, but still infused some individuality into their quilts. You've gotta love how they made use of that beautiful floral.

Yep ... this is Carol's quilt. Her very first quilt. You should have seen them try free-motion quilting for the first time, yesterday. Let's just say I won't be bringing in my first time free-motion sample. Ever.

But as a mother hen, I'm very ... very proud.

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

These are so cute. Of course the First is my favorite. The red just is "me". To answer your question on my blog we have at least 60 women per month that come to our group. We are not a "guild" but just an ever changing group of women that are mostly from my town but anyone is welcome so quilters come and go from all around. Some of the women are quick and some are slow with quilts. So each month show and tell is prolific because of the numbers of women we have. And like I say, some just come a couple times and then we won't see them for months. It is great to belong to a group as you know.

brookegfunk said...

Quilters are hardcore! they all look great!

steph said...

you are quite the teacher!!!