The Color Purple

So ... it would appear I have added to my growing list of projects. Projects involving fabric. Gooooood, good projects.

Truth be told, the little lavender and green number seen above is just a sample from a class. A class I took, not a class I am teaching. This is from a class I took yesterday ... all day yesterday ... from the renowned Sue Nickels, queen of machine applique. I learned most of what I know (and teach) from her books and when I had the chance to sit there in person, I jumped at it.

Even though ... I had to do so with a large band-aid covering half of my face, but not quite obstructing a swollen and bruised lip.(Hold on there people ... before you let your imagination go whacko on me ... this was from a dermatological proceedure to combat too much time spent at Bear Lake in northern Utah as a youth. It involved 3 'swipes' and 8 stitches. It isn't pretty but it is lifesaving. The scar should [hopefully] rest right in my laugh line. Thank you PDaddy for making me laugh every single, solitary day.)

Anyhoo, the class was more than fabulous and I learned many intricate tips to help fine-tune the whole process for me. (Case in point: I have been using tear-away stabilizer behind my MA for years, but she taught us just to starch the heck out of the background piece. This is a huge timesaver ... huge.) I seriously don't remember the last time that six hours flew by so fast. It was fun. It was informative. It was theraputic.

And ... not a single soul made fun of my fat lip. All gooooood.

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ginny said...

I'm glad your face is getting better and that everything went okay. The purple flowers are lovely. Hooray for the demise of stabilizer!