A Springtime Thanksgiving

So ... I just know you have been consumed with the following thought: "What the heck ever happened to those birds she was hand applique-ing in Seattle last summer? Did they like ... fly the coop?

No, dearest reader, they just took way more time than they should have to morph their way into my next pattern. They are Bluebirds of Gratitude, of course, because I came away from that whole "my husband is having life threatening surgery" pleasure trip with a heart full of thanks and a calendar full of catch-up. But ... here ... finally is where I put my little feathered friends. I was certainly glad to be home and I thought that they deserved to be home also.

I must say that I was pleased with the sales of my last pattern, so I'm giving this another go around. If this works out I may go so far as to hook myself up with professional printers and photographers. And if you would like to boost me in that direction and help out those professions in this struggling economy, feel free to buy a pattern(s) by sending me an email.

In the meantime, just feel free to be grateful.

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ginger said...

That is really cute! I love how the tree is appliqued over the stars.

P Daddy said...

Blue birds should ever be a reminder that even if you're blue you can sing and take flight. You epitomize that, and certainly did in Seattle, better than anyone I know. Maybe it's the blue eyes.

Maybe my brown eyes can be for the firm trunk (metaphorically, obviously not in terms of physique) that brings nourishment to the leaves and a place to rest for the birds.

But I don't want you to get all serious when you look at this lovely pattern and quilt--it's a celebration of the eternal hope of spring and newness and rebirth. And maybe that will be true for the economy, too.

Sorry to be personal in a public forum, but those attributes of yours (and your quilts) are so much of what makes our simple happy home.