Take me out to the Tundra ...

So ... today actually marked the first day of summer ... in a way. Today the PDaddy and I went to our first baseball game of the season. It was actually a pre-season game and it was actually to see the Dodgers play and not the Diamondbacks and they actually ... lost ... but that doesn't take away from the fact that the sun was ablazin' in the sky and we were in that piece of Heaven where it's always 80 degrees and where there is always ... always ... a seventh-inning stretch.

The irony of this is that tomorrow at this time I will step off the plane in Salt Lake City where it will hopefully be in the forties (not lower) and my patootie will be hanging on by a thread in a major attempt to avoid being frozen off. How the heck am I supposed to flip-flop like that in less than 24 hours?


And I'm guessing that wearing flip flops is out of the question. Sheesh. Any advice from any Utahns on what I should pack?? Please tell me there has been a last minute change to the forecast.

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Lori Holt said...

Well, I'm sorry to tell you that it's still COLD here.
Although I do wear flip-flops now and again this time of year because that is what the weather here does-FLIP-FLOP from spring back to winter:)

P Daddy said...

Well, we got to see Manny Ramirez squeeze a fly ball like a snow cone, drop it, and fall on the warning track--typical Manny fielding flip flop--which kind of looked like ice skating. And we got to see Mr. Mia Hamm (aka Nomar) hit a home run for Oakland, but he didn't take off his shirt and slide across the plate on his knees so his wife still needs to teach proper celebratory technique (even if made most famous by her teammate Brandy).

So there were some symbols of lingering Winter among the signs of Spring from the boys of Summer.

Hopefully, you don't freeze in SLC but at least it will be sunny and 80 when you come home.

ginny said...

Hope you're having fun out there in the snow...