Processing the Process

So ... I have some questions and I expect some answers. Be prepared for some deep thinking.

In the process of making a quilt (or some other creative venture) from start to finish, what part is your favorite and what part is your least favorite? In other words, what part makes you feel giddy and what part makes you feel tired? What part makes you accidently drool and what part makes you purposely blow raspberries? Is there a part that actually makes you forget to eat?

And if you say that "every part makes me drool", then think deeper, people. I just have to believe that there is some sort of hierarchy involved.

As for me ... just thinking about picking fabrics for a new project makes my heart palpatate. I love, love, love pulling 'em out and switching 'em around. I'm willing to do this for a very long time until I think it's just right. Sometimes I'm actually sad when it is just right because that means that part of the process is over. That's just a little sick, isn't it? Eh, what can I say? I'm sick.

My least favorite has to be the machine quilting part. Mostly because it makes my back hurt. And my shoulders. But inspite of all that, I don't dislike it. It's just that I am happy when that part is over. At that point I'm reenergized because I truly enjoy attaching bindings and sewing them down. I start thinking about the next project ... and ... I begin to drool all over again.

So how about you? Please do tell. I swear I'm going to write a book someday on motivation and creativity and so this information is vitally important to my research.

I'm also really nosy.
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Kate said...

I am ABSOLUTELY not a quilter. But I can ABSOLUTELY say that my least favorite part is cutting. I can't cut fabric straight to save my life. Even using all of my mom's fancy tools.
My favorite part would have to be finishing the last stitch. (But then again, I really am not qualified to even be answering these questions!)

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Hi Mary,

I've made just 2 quilts, baby ones at that:), but I can tell you that I love co-ordinating the patches, and pulling out material for them!

I am not a tailor, I hate to sew, and barely know how to use a machine:) so you can guess what my worst part is! :)

Lovely blog, btw, this is my first time here!

- Sharon

ginger said...

I love the design phase... choosing a pattern and choosing the fabrics. My least favorite parts are after the blocks are all sewn together and I have to sew them into rows and then into the quilt. I don't know why, but that part always is hard for me to get motivated to do. And then the binding. Hate that part too! It's too slow. :-)

Mommom said...

Count me in with those who love pulling the fabric together and planning the project (isn't that why we have more than one project in the works!?)

It's kind of a toss up as to what I dislike more next.... sewing pieces of a block. It can seem to take a long time before you have everything you need to finish the blocks of a quilt. But I love it when the blocks start coming together.

I was going to say machine quilting... and there is a point where that starts to lag as well, but it doesn't seem as bad since I know when I'm done quilting it I just need to bind and it's finished.... Quilting is when I might be tempted to not eat as a matter of fact. Maybe even not sleep. The end is in sight and I want to see if the finished quilt matches what was in my head all along :)

Angy said...

i'll be the odd man out :P i'm totally not a quilter, never made one, in fact. but the design/creative part of anything is pure torture to me lol. i'd rather do the sewing or whatever instead :P

Sherri said...

I LOVE searching through patterns and planning which fabric would be perfect for that particular pattern...I don't love quilting and binding...I'm always ready to move on to the next project!

P Daddy said...

As strictly an observer, my favorite parts are watching your excitement and joy in the fabric selection, layout and piecing stages, and sense of accomplishment when it's finished. Personally, my favorite is the visual delight in your artistry with color, fabric, and design and the comfyness of the finished quilt on the ones large enough to get comfy with.

My least favorite parts are watching you endure the back problems from quilting and binding and the vocabulary expanding moments when something has to be ripped out or lay flat.