Embellished Excitement!

So ... the little yellow slips of paper have gone into the proverbial hat (okay, a bowl) and MarySue's name came out as the winner of the GiveAway. Congratulations. I am happy to have my quilt go to a loving home. When you email me with your address, let me know if anyone at your house is allergic to peanuts, because that third package may or may not include something chocolately and nutty.

Once again the ever anticipated "Teacher's Meeting" has caught me unawares, and I am furiously working to get a sample ready to show next Monday (which will be taught this fall at this store.) Boy am I having fun!! Part of that fun has included some experimentation with the many ... many ... decorative stitches on my machine.

The greenery above the door (of my no-cal gingerbread house) is a double dose (reg and mirror image) of stitch #140 on my Bernina 200. The snowflake "buttons" are #642. I used King Tut variegated green. I love, love King Tut thread (40 wt.) for a nice "nubby" look.

So tell me ... do you actually use those decorative stitches on your machine?

Fess Up.

And thanks to everyone for their sweet comments and ... poetry!

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Kate said...

Did my mom write that poem? She's a clever one. I don't use my machine very much (I'm talking once a year)... but I'll fess up anyway. I've never used a decorative stitch in my life.

Mary said...

Kate ... I wanted to ask YOU that very same question. 'Cause your mom IS pretty clever!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Wow! I thought those were hand done stitches! So impressive. Sad that I did not win, I'll wait for your next blogger give a way.

P Daddy said...

Props to MarySue on scoring the big win, props to the Pamster for scripting the big rhyme, props to Mary for sewing the big (as in way cool) Christmas stuff with decorative stitches, props to SimpleHappy Home on its big anniversary one falling on the birthday of such a big celebrity (we all know I mean Alex Rodriquez, Maureen McGovern, or Norman Lear, right??), and biggest props to the one who makes this a SimpleHappy Home every day of the year.