So ... this is a weekend full of significance. First of all, we are home .... always significant. Secondly, tomorrow is PDaddy's birthday. Woo. Thirdly, tomorrow also marks the one-year anniversary of my blog. Yowza. And fourth? Eh, that's enough for one weekend, don't you think?

The first picture was taken on Thursday as we took in a Harbor Cruise on the Sound and basked in the sunshine. Does that mean we were warm? Au contraire. But hey, we're from Arizona and "warm" means something very different to us.

The second picture was taken as part of our 40 minute vertical hike from the waterfront back to our hotel. Sweat glands were activated and in full force. I told you that I would take pictures of some outdoor foliage. I always aim to please.

So ... in conjunction with my blog-iversary, I am in the beginning stages of planning my GiveAway. Stay tuned.

And Happy Birthday to the PDaddy. He is a fabulous reason to celebrate.
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Kate said...

Happy birthday, indeed! Glad you are home and I hope all went well.

brookegfunk said...

Happy Day to you PDaddy! Glad you are back!!!!!

P Daddy said...

Shucks, I thought the big Give Away would be for my birthday, but I guess I have to share with the blog from here on out. Such in life in the information age. Thanks to all for the kind greetings.

P Daddy said...

P.S. Way cool picture of the metal flower sculpture Ms. Mary.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Happy Blog Birthday, and thanks for starting my interest in blogging!

Mrs. Dub said...

Happy birthday to my dad and your blog. And probably some random celebrity.