The Give Away!

So ... PDaddy's birthday was spectacular and all, in spite of the fact that the only gifts that actually were here for the big day didn't actually work. But ... alas ... there was lemon jello cake and that's all that matters. Which bring us to the next reason to celebrate (and dance to the music, naturally) ...

My One Year Blogiversary of course! And the fact that I am hosting a GiveAway as part of the celebration. And the fact that what I am giving away is this quilt (measuring approx. 29" x 32") that I made a couple of years ago. I absolutely love these colors ... very french. Ooh. La. La. To add to the fun, I am throwing in these other continental beauties (from FQs to half yards) so the lucky winner can make her own something fun.

You know the drill, of course. You leave a comment that will somehow direct me to you ... because YOU might be the winner, and I will need to contact you. I will pick the winner on Thursday morning.

What a JOY it is to play this game. Thank you for a magical year.

Now .... GO!
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Mrs. Dub said...

I think being your daughter disqualifies me from winning your Frenchie quilt. However, I would like a piece of that lemon jello cake. You can find me in my pajamas.

Jessi said...

All your quilts are so beautiful. They inspire me. How could I resist the chance to win one of them?!

MarySue said...

Ooh la la, jush de thot av weening iz a thrill. Merci.

hilari said...

count me in on someone who would very much enjoy a sandy original!

Sue said...

Pick me,Pick me :o)

I am a huge fan of quilts and do a little sewing myself . This would fit into my "Home Sweet
Home " ......... Sue

suzeeez.blogspot.com said...

my comment didn't leave where you could find me .I'll try again ....Sue

Sue Cahill said...

Yellow and Blue quilts are my favorite, and the red adds just the right spark! I would love to win your wonderful quilt and the fabric, that would be too awesome.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Neil said...

Love your quilt....from another quilter....love the fabrics and would love to make something a litte frenchie, too. Vicki


Angy said...

i will pass on this one as i won't take advantage of making my own... :P but you always make the cutest quilts!!

brookegfunk said...

I will gladly accept the quilt along with a huge helping of french dressing and french fries and a lovely french manicure.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I would LOVE a Simplehappy original!!!!! Happy Birthday!

Judi said...

Your quilts are amazing! Do you quilt on consignment?

pam said...

Quilts, crosswords, slipcovers too
Is there no end to what Mary can do?

Paper piecing, appliqué, GrandmaRUs Club
But who can forget L'il Gee and Miss Dub?

Baseball, The Office, and Blue Plates are her thing
She loves Polka Dots, Pink Gingham, even plain String!

In the span of a very short year
Simple Happy Home has brought an abundance of cheer!