A Vintage Kick

So ... I picked up my machine yesterday and it wasn't a moment too soon. Having had an entire week without her, I had the chance to ponder on the unfortunate state of my personal productivity (where sewing is concerned). Let's just say it needs some tweaking. Let's just say that I could use my time more wisely. Let's just say I need a swift kick in the pants.

But please ... let's say it more nicely than that.

The good news is that I got that gentle kick in the very same trip it took to pick up my machine. Already I'm more productive ... yeah!

Last evening at this store, they happened to be having a Trunk Show and book signing in honor of the above pictured book and it's lovely author, Martha Walker. We got to see and handle these quilts and they were ... exquisite. Or possibly beyond exquisite. And there were many, many of them. Some hand done and others by machine. Some were award winners. I was holding back drool and I'm pretty sure it wasn't an attractive look for me.

My point is this: (oh thank heavens ... finally a point) While holding back drool and asking sweet Martha questions like "How many hours do you sleep a night?" and "Are you a night or a morning person?", I realized that I am a morning person (I already knew that) but that I never sew in the morning. Starting today that will change. But please ... for purposes of my research ... answer the following questions:

Are you a night or a morning person?
When do you sew, craft, create ... the most?

p.s. I couldn't find a website for Martha and her book, but you can order them online, here.
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Melissa said...

i am a morning person for sure (but not tooooo early).

i like to clean in the morning, which makes it hard to go to work sometimes, because i know i will NOT be in the same cleaning mood in the evening.

but crafting (scrapbooking for me) in an evening, unwinding-from-the-day activity.

when i am kept up beyond my bed time i can get a little mischievous (and apparently mean?) ...as witnessed in you d-i-l's blog earlier this week :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That pepermint quilt is so so darling. I love red and white peppermint.

I don't actually know what I am. I am neither or both. Weird I know.

I work full time so I usually sew in the evenings and all day Saturday if I can swing it (rarely but its always my plan).

I do think that working makes me more organzied with my time. I wish though I had more to devote to sewing and quilting. But I know it helps me unwind in the evenings so maybe I'll swing towards evening person.

Simply This That and the Other... said...

I'm both. I love doing mindless things in the evening. That's when I weed in the garden, read books, magazines, or surf the web, hand work, dishes, laundry, etc. I love quiet evenings. I also love mornings, especially when I've had a good nights sleep. I do bills, emails, banking, etc. in the mornings. My brain always functions better in the a.m. I generally get up at 5:00 a.m. and I love it! It's amazing what I can accomplish before 9:00 a.m. I try and go to bed by 10:00 p.m. especially on week days.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog through your daughters. You do not know me but I wanted to comment just for fun! :) I'm actually a morning person but I too like to clean the mornings. I find that I like to be crafty in the late afternoon/evening. It's more calming to me after the kids go to bed. I guess I agree that it helps me unwind and clear my head...which is always nice.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I am such an afternoon person. I know that was not one of your choices. LOL But I hate mornings!!! Do not function at all then.
Thanks for visiting my blog.