Pink Jumping

So ... I am still without my special friend, Bernina. I am sure she is enjoying a mani-pedi as we speak. I am really hoping that part of the package includes a loofah ... because let's be honest ... my special friend was in dire need of a serious cleaning.

But since I am in the middle of not one, but two projects, I am leaning towards the impatient side. Yesterday I did some hand work on this little number for my Miss Dub. She will be here next weekend which only adds to my impatience. Miss Dub's favorite color is pink. (When asked, she will tell you that her favorite activity is "Pink Jumping".) I thought she needed something pink to jump in.

So ... let me ask you ... is there anything more lovely than pink gingham? When I was a young girl and shared a room with my sister, we had pink gingham curtains at one point. I have absolutely no memories of those curtains in the winter, but I have dozens of summer memories of them. This is probably due to my olafactory memories of the breeze coming through them.


I plan to add a pink gingham ruffle to the hem of Miss Dub's dress. I plan to do that the minute I get miss bernina back. I plan to get her back tomorrow.

So do tell ... on a scale from one to ten ... how much is your special friend in need of a cleaning?

And how much do you love pink gingham?

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steph said...

oh my gosh! that is the MOST DARLING dress for miss dub... please, please, please take a photo of her in it!

Jessi said...

Miss Dub is going to LOVE her dress!! I have made a few dresses for my girls with a very similar pattern (one of them with pink gingham in fact) and they are their FAVORITE dresses.

ginny said...

Ummm, my Bernina (handed down from you) has not been in for a cleaning since I've had her. And my old Bernina (handed down from me to Mrs. Gee) never had been, either. If it makes you feel better, sometimes I blow really hard into the bobbin compartment in an effort to get all the thread-balls out. But I never use canned air, because for some reason you got mad at me when I once said I was contemplating it. And now I'm contemplating it again.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You are funny. This post made me laugh. Darling dress! My Bernina got back and is working so well I can't believe it. They FINALLY fixed the problem it has had for several years. Its really like having a new machine. Now if it only had the new stitch regulator feature I'd be content forever.

P Daddy said...

Pink gingham in search of a little red friend? Pink gingham is enough to threaten a guy, but that sounds like the opening line in a fifth grade girl's health lecture.

But the dress is darling, and our darling granddaughter will make it double so!! Thus, I hope your little friend comes home soon--even if Bernina maintenance approaches the cost of a Mercedes tune up.