Morning has Broken ...

So ... I tested my new theory the last couple of days ... and it worked, by golly! I sewed my brains out in the morning instead of cleaning or erranding and I do believe that I worked a little faster ... and a little clearer. Cleaning and erranding still happened in the afternoon when a clear brain is not as crucial. (A few more dollars may or may not have been spent as a result, but really ... it's the clear sewing head that counts ... right?)

I finished (the top of) this quilt which was started before I got sidetracked with the red-green-I-don't-want-to-cut-teeny-little-leaves-anymore phase. I will unveil the whole thing when it is quilted and bound.

For now I will bask in my clarity. And just so you know ... I still want to hear about who-sews-when-and-why?

Also speak up if you immediately knew that my title is a reference to one of my favorite Cat Steven's songs. Without looking it up (that means you, PDaddy!), what was the name of the album?

There may or may not be a prize involved.
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ginny said...

Very cute.

As you already know, I do better work in the morning. Unfortunately, I waste all my morning hours these days doing actual work, so I can't squeeze in as much sewing or crafting as I used to. What can I say, it's saved me a lot of money...

P Daddy said...

I'm definitely not a morning person. Best creative times for me tend to be early evening through wee hours. But I rarely use them for quilting.

Recognized the Cat Steven's song title and remembered that he was the author/singer once you said so, but clueless on the album title. But I was never good on album titles and Cat Stevens was more your thing than mine, though I like that song.

Tara said...

Tea for the Tillerman? Buddha and the Chocolate Factory? Teaser and the Fire cat??? Hmmm..I think it was Tea for the Tillerman (yep, I had all three and listened and listened...)


Mary said...

OK, Tara ... it was actually "Teaser and the Firecat", but because you were ... this ... close, I will send you a prize (in sync with your current goals ...)

So, email me your info!