Compulsive in Pink

So ... I'm not going with the obvious Molly-Ringwald-80's title. But I do think pink is pretty. And ... I seem to be driven to accumulate it lately. The above-pictured picture was a frame I picked up at a thrift store (for two bucks), and put some fabric behind and a sticker on.

These particular goodies were purchased as part of a hypnotic state I was in while at Michaels yesterday. You know that hypnotic state. The one that happens when you walk by those tower-thingies that are filled with ribbons at one buck per spool. And the other baskets around the corner that have a bunch of crap in them that also sells for a buck a pop. And you buy them because you can't ... not buy them.

Please, please tell me you have this same problem. (fyi: I can also have this malady at Target while perusing the "seasonal bins" by the front door.) Please tell me I am not going to be on Oprah some day as the crazy lady who can't get out her door because of all the ribbon.

For the record: I use the ribbon. Why, I used that very brand of ribbon to adorn my GiveAway packages. Also ... I had to get the little pink tin for my Miss Dub. Pink is her favorite color. Duh.

Also ... I throw away (in the recycled trash) my newspapers daily. Someone please tell that to Oprah before she heads my way.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

LOVE the pink, and everyone knows you can never have too much ribbon!

P Daddy said...

I can see how seriously I erred by ever questioning your previous fascination with all things blue.

Judi said...

If Oprah comes after you, she'll have to stop by my house first. I raised three boys so I never got to buy pink. Yet, I buy so very much girly stuff for my scrapbooking, it is crazy! And, I love a bargain - what's a dollar?!!!